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For The Signal Of Liberty

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Richland, Kul. Co. Scpt. 3, 1841. Messrs. Editors: - Tlie friends of the Mnve aro not all asleep in this county. - We hnvc held a county convention for the nomination of county ofliccrs of the liberty party, bntall is not dono lo nrousc attention to this subject which ihe cxigencics of the cause seem to require. Abolilionists are but halfawakc to the sensc of their duty, - the community need more light on the subject preparatory to election, VVhat means are to bc used to effect this object? Might not the desired interest be excited by holding a series of Conventinns in the different Countics of the State, for the porpose of discussing the proprieiy of Politica! actionon this sulject? Lecmres might bc delivered in ihe dinerent townsifipa preparatory to such Conventions, uherever lectures can be ohtained? I think much good might result from it. Respectfully yourp,