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The Crime Of Being Free

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-The law ofLouisiana, approved March 16, 1830, requires the Attorney General and the District AttorneyB to proceed against all frce persons of color who tnay have come into tliat State siacc Jan. 1, 1825, They are to' be arrested and brought before a Judge, Juatice of the peace, or Mayor, and ordered to depait from the State in 60 days. If they fail to comply within that period, they shall be sentenced to one year's imprisonment at hard labor; and if they sbail not depart from the State within 30 days after the expiration of such imprisonment, they shall be sentenced to imprisonment at hard labor for Ufe. The city council of New Orleans have' imposed a fine of from 25 to 50 dollars, or one month's ïmprisoninent upon any keeper of a public house who ehalt harbor in nis premises any free colored person, contrary to the provisions of the above act: and all persons whatever employing such free per-' sons of color shall pay a fine of from 25 to 50 dollars, or shall be imprisoned ten daye. Every free person of color shall be legally pre8umed to have entered the State contra-, ry to the a'jove enactment, and unless he can establish the contrary to the satisfacción, of the Judge or Justice, he shall suffer ïtsj penalties.OrThe people of Chicago are gathering money from the pockets of Southwesternj merchants and gentlemen visiting the Eaet,! who túke that route in preference to going by way of Cincinnati, because, in the latterj place, tlieir servante are so Hable to be stolenj from ihem, since the recent dec9ion of thej Suprcme Court of Ohio. The Louisvillej Advertiser very kindly points out this fact toj the people of Cincinnati, and thinks this in- formalion wil) open the eyes of some tvho. have been hitherto incredulous on the subject. _ _____ mmtmmmm ____„___ (tThe Democratie Convention, which met at Marshall Sept. 1, nominated for Go vernor, John S. Barry of Si. Joseph county; forLieut. öovernor, Origen Pf Richardson, of Oakland county,