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We nolice from the remarks of our Eastern exchanges that our friends ia that quar. ter anticípate a large votefbi1 Liberty in the Península State, at the election next week. How much reason they wiil have to be gratifïed or disnppoiiued at the result, time will show. It is to be borne in mind, however, that although the Anti-Slavery soil in Michigan is exceedingly productive, and the cropssure, yct tiie cultivation hae been difficult and imperfect. A uew country is subject to many disadvantagea. The population is often 6parse, and liie people straightened for itnmediateresourcee, although they may have a good landed;property. Owing to these and other circumstances, no anti-slavery lecturers to any extent, have been employed to bring the remedy for slavery before the peo ple. In most of the Eastern States religious slavery papers are circulated to a greater or less extent, carrying facts to ihe people,and preparing the way for poJitical action. It is not so with U8. There is not a reír gious paper of any kind in the State. A considerable portion of our population are foreignera, and among them ecarcely any thing has been accomplished. There are thousands who epeak the Germán and French languages, who cannot well converse in English, or rcad our Eöglish publications. Yet with a!) theso disadvantages, wcUcipatc avery reapectable vole; largo enough to give us a permanent and efFcctual influeace in the State. The Uvo great parties are eo nearly balanced that the resull is very doubtful, and the m;ijority will be small.- Our Anti-slavery men are all of one mind, whole liearted and untiring. Our organization extf-nds tbrough some twelve Countiee ctnbracing the most infiuential parts of the State. Aud tho dieappointment and disgust of the Whiga in reference to the National Vetoes, have turned the attention of great nunibers of that party towards the Lib j erty principies. And our prospecte are now far more fuvorablo in eoery respect, than we ventured to hope for when we published the first number of tho "Signal of Liberty." Let .very friend of impartial universal freedom do what he can at the piesent crisis, and the results to our cause in cvery poinl of view will be most cheerlng and satisfaclory.