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The Slaveholders Convention

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a iie onvenuon oí tfiaveñoldersat Annap dis, amongst otherraeaeures recomtnended lst. To ofler large rewards for tho de-' tection of any person who induces a slave to run avvay. Ld. To oraploy bailiffd to watch the dK parture oí eve'ry Btearaboat and railroad car. 'Sú. Thot Maryland ahonld pay the ex pense of contesting al] euíts n other States where tlie State laws cotfl:ct with the lowg of Congress. In order lo oppress the free blacks a& much as possible, they propose, lst. Toeend all frce blacks, concted of crime, out of tho Siato, astead of i0 th8 peuilentiury. 2d. To forbid a free negro a gun, sword orothcr vveapon. J. C. Jackson reconu aiends to nutke aure worl; of it by cuttin.r off bié Juta, ae they ore ralhtr „„ souietimes. They raust register theniselves evM cry year. 4th. 'J'o give securily for good behavior or bo hired out by a constable. 5:h. Their children tobe taken át thengeiof 8 years. and bound out without thcii parents conaént. 6th. At death their land is lo be sold their propeny destributed among their hcirg, and no negro is to bo allowtd to purch& a freo hold or loase of more than one year Do not theso íhings argüe a beautiíul Sute of Bociety- -the krgest libertyí' Their coi)6ultatbns wili probably ámoiat to little ur nothing praetically. The oíd rickcty nstitution ia tottering to ite foundation, and will soon tumblo down in spite of all ttig propa that can be put under it. fX'Our Huuse of RepresenUtivea are endeavoring to ape tho raanners an,d practvees of iheir Buperiora at Washington. Tho last Free Prqgt containa a list of about a duzoa petitions or ihe alteration of the Consikuüonjand the trial by jury which were-' 6everally laid on tho table, while petition on evcry other subject vero referred to ap- propriate comtp.ttecs, These petitions werefrom Wayne, Oukland, Washtenaw, Monroe and Will ihe legal voters who signed these petitions vote for those Lcgiaiators who thus treat them viith contemptí Lat ihem le remembered next November!