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-The Washingtonspondent of the N. Y. Herald eays: 'It was Mr. C!ay and not Mr. Wis?, who goverm'd all the preliminary proceedings in the Cilley duel. Mr. Clay was the eole adviser of Graves; he ñxd the points ofquar rel, laid the rounda of the challenge, and drew the challenge tsolf. Mr. Wise borea copy of the challenge dravvn by Mr. Clay, protesting at thn 6amo time against his advice. The only error in Mr. Wise consisted in hia becoming the challenger, which he advised against, and in rbkingevery thing to guard the life of a friend, who was constniined to fight by the interference of Mr. Clay. Under this statement of the circumstanccs, what blarne or redponsibilitv een attach to Mr. Wise?" Is it not remarkable th&i tbo. Whigs of the North and West should prefer a dueUisl and slave hreeder for President of the United' States to the manly, honorable and respectable gentlemen who cao be found in their. ranks? How is 9uch a 6ingular taste to be acconnted for? On the rcceipl of tho nevs of the imprisonraent of Rev. C. T. Torrey at tho Aunapolis Convention of slave-holders, ihe Massachusettsdelegation ir Congreso met, and ppointed sorne oftheir number to go lo Annapolis, and rciuler him any astistance he might need. The Philanthropist rernark3 respecting his imprisonment : "This act is enouoh of itself to consign that slitvcholdinuf -onvcntion to iufamy. - Miserable cowardí! Afra id to havo tbeir acts and sayingá reporfed! Shrinkmg hefore the nresence of a single abolitionit! - And is this the boased chivalry of slavery 1 "So fuil of valor, that it smites the air For brealhin ni its face" - And yet shiye'r'wg tiil its very bonos rattle, at the motion of a free goose quill! And these are he "vain, tongue-douluy babUlers" before whom the freo people of ihe North are accustoined to cower in craven submission! When ihese men come lo ihe Norih, do you find abulitionists ehrinking before ihern? Do yon henr whissporing nbout "spics" and "emissarics," t nd all lhat? Are they lynched? Are tliey unlawfully itnprisooed, on suspicion oí liolding heterodox opinión? on ihe sul ject of liberty? Are their private papers impcrtinentJy examined, and their letters brukon opon?"


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