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Not Far From The Mark

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In Mr.ney's reply to the coramittee who informeel htm of his nommalion, we have it as prin ted: - "ís Pennsylvania Hall obnoxiousto slaveholders, because in it their majesliea are spoken of?" It should doubtlesB be mysteries. But on the whole, it is not a very widemiss. When we rcad ihe maj" esteria! speeches of Calhoun and King, ond Berrien and Clay, &c. of the Senate, cspecially on 11 matters connected with the slave queslion; and see the mice-like hearing of our free State Senatorial serviles, it would not rauch surprise us to hear one of the latter squeak out one of theee days, your majesty, when addressing Calhoun, or master! when daring to look Preston, or Clay, or IJarrow in ihe face. (L$rAl the Charter election in Detroit, the Liberty candidate for Mayor received forty fivc vojes.