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Poetry: I Am Monarch Of Nought I Survey

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An unattributed parody of William Cowper's poem "The Solitude of Alexander Selkirk" (1782) about the castaway whose story may have inspired Daniel Defoe's The Life and Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (1719). Cowper's poem begins with the now-famous line, "I am monarch of all I survey."

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I am monarch of noughi I survey, My wrourrs there are none tú dispute, My mas ter conveys me away Hs whims or caprices to suit. 0 slavery, where aro the charras That "patriarchs" have seen tu thy face; 1 dvrell in the midst of alarma, Ana serve in a horrible place, I am out of humanity'a reacb, And must finish my life with a groan Never hear the sweet nausic of speech That tells me my body's my uwn. Society, friendehip, and leve, Diviuely bestowed upon soine, Are blessings I oever can prove, If olavery'B roy portion to come, .Religión! what treasurea uotold, Reside in that heavenly word! More precioua than silver or gold, Or all that this eartb can afford. But I am excluded the light That leada to thia heavenly grace; Tha Bible is clos'd to my sight, Its boauties I never can trace . Ye wiads, ttat have made me your sport, Convey to this eorrowful land, Soma cordial endeariog report, Of freedom from (yrrany'a hand. My friende, do theynot often 6end, A wieh or a thought after meJ O, tell me I yet have a fnend, A friend I am anxious to see. How fleet ís a glance of the mind! Compared with the epeed of ite flight; The tempest itself lags behind, Aod the swift-winged arrowe oí light. When I think of Yictoria'a domain, In a moment I seem to be there, But the fear of beiog taken again, Sooo hurrus me back to despair. The wood-fowl has gone to her nest, The beast has laid down in bis luir; To me there'á no eeason of rest, Thougb I to my quarter repair If merey, O Lord, s in store, For those who in slavory pine; Grant that when lifü'0 ticublea are orer, I may be accepted as thine.