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Salem. - This tovvn, as we anticipated, heads the list. The Liberty party elected their Juslice of the Peace, one School Commissioner, and one Constable. John Peebles received 82 votes- Esek Roberts 115- the remainder of the ticket 69. The other office rs are democratie - iheir great e3t majority over the Liberty Ticket, 10 votes. Liberty vole last fall, 59, Ypsilanti.- 324 votes cast. Liberty vote from 32 to 42- being an increase of more than 50 per cent. in six months. Ann Ahbor. - The Liberty vote for Su. pervisor was 72- for Justice 68. Liberty vote last fall about 48. Lyons, Oakland Co. - 189 votes cast- 56 Liberty, 50 Whig, 83 Democratie. A part of the Liberty candidates were elected. Grass Lake, Jackson - 190 votes cast. For Supervisor, Whig 46, Liberty 59, Democratie 84. In 1840 the Liberty vote was 4: last fall 33. The Whigs selected a part of tho Liberty candidates, previously nominated,and placed them on their ticket, and they were elected- Justice of the Peace, Town Clerk, Commissioner, &c.