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Censure Of Mr. Giddings

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The Boston Courior saya: 'During the last six or eight years, ihe following cases of personal and most disorderly brawla have ocourred, viz: Wise and Byauar, Bell and Turney, Jenifer and Bynum, Gahland arrd By?:um, Wise and Stanley, Rayker and Montgojieky. All,except ihe last, were in the presence ufihe House ui fujl session. The last occurred just outside of ihe door of the House, and at the moment of adjournment. All the above named individuuia are from the south, and belong to Slave States. Ia no one of these cases, disgraceful as they all have been, and worthy only of the tip- ler's den, and the lowest order of bar rooms - in no one of these cases has a vote of een sure or reprimand been adopted. Several of them were referred to committees and evaporated in a report. And all of them passed off as very genllemanly and very chivalric ilare-ups - growing out of the impulsive propensities and sensibilities of the generous and sunny South." Yet Mr. Giddings was cenaured for discussing in his place a subject which had several times been discussed in the iSenate by aouthern rcembers. Will the Freemtn of the North ever awake? Do not these facts ehow beyond a doubt that the slavebreeders rule the nation at their will? Why tlien talk of Whig and Democratie partios govern ing the ö&tion'!