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-The Tribune saya theLocos have mado a clean sweep of iho State About two thirds of each House are Locos Francis Gillett, the Liberty candidate fo Governor, received about UoO votes: lo oí 12 towna to be heard from. In nmny towna no Representaties were elected. The Tribune eays, mosi unjustly and falsely: "The Aboütionisb have done ihe beat they cou!d to insure the triumph of tha party which would gag them todayand hang them to morrow, if it had full power and have provented a choice of 80mJ thirty or foriy whtg Ropresentativea. Now we venture to say, that the Liberty voters of Connecticut deteet with all their hcarta the aervility of bolh the slavery parties; and that they supported only independ. ent, upr.gbt men of lheir own principloe.How unjust, then, ia the sneer of the Tribune! As to the party ihat would hang U8 to morrow, &c. Mr. Greely would do veil to remember the adage about glass houses Did not forty seven Whigs, only four week sinceróte to censure a member of Condesa for perfoiminghi3 official duties? Who demea il? Hanging indeed! It ia said that the National Convention of France began to. use the guillotine upon obnoxioua individuals within twelve rnonihs after they began to censure tïirrn. Should human nature be the same iú this country, ee may expect that in Marcb, 1843, forty eeven VVhiga will vote to ïang Mr. üiddinga. In fact, several ofhis broUiermembersof Congress publicly threat enedhim with hang ing a year or two since. Thoy are noue too good for hangmen: their threats and their deportment at Washington show they aro well quoliñod for that business, lt may be 6aid tbat the Locojs who voted to censure were doublé the number of he vvhigs. Whatofthat? Suppose they are a lit'.lo more servile, andbetter fitted for sub oversecrs, need the whigs contest willi hem the prize of infamy ? We regard both, as partieses incurable serviles - as to whtch can bow the lowest to the Siave Power, we ave them to settie between themselves. N. B. Poüticians vvill p!aase rememborl hat the Liberty vote in Connecticut in 184(1 was 174- in 1842,17 monlha after.say 1200; Thue wo "die away" frora year tp year, and )ehold we live!CttrWe cut the following fröm the Deroit Advertiser. It rrmy serve to convince any who are not convinced, that the Tariff party is not 'm any sense an anti-slavery party. They "wage no war with aouthrn institutions." The party does not loddle with slavery any where. It is imply a northern party, but one that inends to put into the presidentialchair,tbat oted duellist and slave breeder, Henry Clay. The Jackson Democrat thtis insinúate vhat it dare not assert, and knowe to be ulse: "Query.- Did George Dawson leave io editorial charge of the Adverliser, in rder that Batea might advocate thé' cause f theabolitionists? Late numbersof the Advertiser would certainly lead a disineresied person to come to that concluon." We have defended the right of petition mi the freedom of debate; we resieted ie encroachments and dictation of the outh; we have demanded protection for ie industry and all the great interests cf ie north, and this the puny acribbler of ie Jackson Democrat seeka to stigmatize s abolitionism. tyTe are northern men wilh northern rinciples and northern hearts, but wagc o war against southern institutions. Is ie doughface answered? 0í7"Mr. Ciishing, in some remarks in the House of Representatives, on the resulutions of Mr. Giddings, characterizedthern as a British argument on a great public question between this country and Great Britain; and viewingit as such Bbitisi ARGUMENT, AND APPROXIMATI0N TO A TKEASONABLE VIKW OF THE SUBJECT, Said if he was called upon to vote, he should yote "no" on them, dc. Mr. Cufihing may be abJe to show that the Resolutions take British ground, but if h& :hinka he can make thera appear untenable 3r false,or treasonable, he will do well to try. 3o far as we have seen, thia has not yet seen attempted. Mr. Giddings has done ïervice to his country by presenting them in ;ho House, and thus secaring their perusal y hundreda of thousands. Those papers md men who sneer at them find it much asier to cry out "troason," and "British mrty," tha to overthrow the principies laid 3own in the resolulions.