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Letter From Rev. J. Cross: For The Signal Of Liberty

Letter From Rev. J. Cross: For The Signal Of Liberty image
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Salem, Mich. April 16, 1842. Messrs Editors: - Passing recently through the sixteenth congressional district in Oliio, lately represented in Congress by that fearless nnd independent statesman, J. II. Giddings, Esq., 1 was induced tospend a few days in ohserving ihe pulsations of the public heart, under the operation of the quack nostrums of "Botls" & Co. I found a strong feeling of just indignation for the injury inflicted on them, through their represenlative, almostuniversally prevalent. Mr. Giddings represenled a free population of about a hundred thousand souls, wiih an elective franchise equal to one fourth of the 'old dominion.' The outrageperpelrated by the House ui censuring Mr. G. unheard, undcr the gag of the previous question, hns roused the spirit of Ohio freemen, and tfiey will speuk ui iho ballot box a lanuage nottobe "misinterpt cled, or misunderstood."A few illiberal and narrow niinds úffly, 'ere found to sympathise with the mnjority of the House, whüe the great mass of inlelligcnce, and influence, will rally to the polls, and send back the man, through whom the overseers with their subs, and laqueys, sought to give a dealh stab to the Hberty of speech in the House, and thé rights of northern freemen at 'their own firepides. Large and respectable meetings have been held in different places in the district at which whigs, democrats,and abolitionists, have all voted unanimously lo sustain Mr. Giddiogs, and there can be no doubt thathe will be returned to Congress by an overwhelming mnjority; per haps without any organized opposition. - Their highanded measures are unmasking the patriarekal instüution, & making even the most stupid, and heedless feel, that slavery has soiriethtng to do wiih northern rights and liberties, and they are begin - ning to echo the rallying shout, TO THE RESCUE." Youra fraterna llv.