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An ftffray look place in Macon, Geo., on the evening of tilt 2Sd March, which resultrd in the death of two individuáis, and the wounding of fotir others. Jt nppears that some difficulty occurred bet ween a constable named Dukes and a man named Sumers. Dukes was etanding on the side-wtilk, when he was assailed with abusive langnage, and dared to conu where he was. Dukes armed himselfwith a gun, a fight enued, end severa 1 guna were fired by the parties and their friends. Thomas Kanan was badiy wounded in the hip. Pukes received n ftill charge of buck nnd rooise shot in his breaBt and uring, nnd his recovery isdoubtful. A re8pectnble mechanic, named M. E. Hebbard, received threfiballs, and died instantly. A mnn named Sweoney, it ia saul received ft charge in his abdomen, and has since died. Two otherp, namec1 John WVlch and - - Dosterj were olsodangeroiibly wonnded. Mcjf of ' had no participatie in the


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