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It lasaidthat the Liberty party a dead; but i it be so, like the saints of old, "being dcad, i Vet spCakethl" No only so, but it spcaks continually, at every election- it speaks from all parts of the frce States- it speaks each such succeedi-ig time in a louder vcice, and with more earneet mphasis. Read the folJowing note from Maj . Rexford. Jackson counry gave last fall 147 liberty votes, of fëWhich Colambio and Napoleon gave 22; now those towns givo 110- beingan increase of 88 in 5 . monthf. , For the Signal of Liberty. Mkssrs Editors:- The voïce of the electors ot Napoleon and Columbio, as expressed at the late XOwn election. tells well for the cause of liberty. Notwithstanding the best efforts of the opposition in thcir vigilarice an-1 hosiility; and notwiihstnndfcg the lavish expetuüture of their entire stock or fnnd of pro-slavery logic, intermedialing the exPbemes ot :he Ludicrous and the sublime; the cause Htof liberiy bas made a large stride in advance. - &he town of Napoleon gave nine Liberty voies ast fall, this spring it hns given an average of fif?ty-six. The town of Colunibia gave thirteen libferty votes last fail, the average vote this spring is jjfifty-four. The vote in Napoleon, was .73; in Columbia, 05. An inquest has been held by the humble vnssals of ihe 8laveholdin2 nobility, upon the dend body of liberty, and their verdict is, that slie died of "wasting consumption." They express their warm sympathies for the bereaved. and proñer ,to thcm a weleoir.e rscepñon (r cbètr hospitable domes. They haventombed the dcparted, and now rest satisfied ihnt they have perfonned the tlast act which duty impöses. and Watt for the Rhanké of Master and Mitse. 1 prophesy nor, ?but I have a strong premonition, that tbere vvül 'be a resurrection of this dead body somewhere hnnt NiivAiriliAr nATf.


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