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SCHOOL LIBRARIES FORSALL, AND ALL KIXDsJ OF BOOKS, BY J.LAMB, AGENT FOR THOMAS WEBB OF BOS. TON. THIS LIBRA RY IS HECOMMENDED flv THE SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION. JL. has on hand numerous setts of fhplVTAo . SACHUSETTS SCHOOL LIBRARY, arious other books relating to Schools. In adclition to the above, M. Lanib wil! jn ewdnys receive a largesupply of SCHOOL BOOKS, American Manual, Boston Spelling Book, Peter Parley's Works, Arithmetics, Elementary Spelling Books, Grammais, Geographies, Atlases, Algebras, Domestic Economy by Miss Beecher, Story on the Constitution, Various Phrenological works, Hayward's Physiology) other books,too numerous to mention, and all kinds of Stationery. Orders for the Library, addressed to me at thii place will be attended to. Ann Arbor, April 25, 1842. TAILORING BUSINESS ! A M. NOBLE, would respectfully inforni the -TX cmzen8 oí Ann Arbor and itsvicinity thv he iins opened a shop in theLower ToWn. imme diately over the late mercantile siani of Lund & Gibson, and opposite the store of J. Beckley & Co., whare he is prepared at all times tsdo work in hts hne, with promptness, and in a neat and durable mannor. Particular auention will be paid to cuttin ear ments. Produce will be taken at the usual pri" ees, for work done at his shop. These who have cash to pay for services of thts kind, are particu larly invited to cali. Ann Arbor, April 27, 1842. tf WOOD! WOODÜ WOODÜ! WANTED IMMEDIATELY, a'ftw cords of good dry wood in exchange for the "SlO-VAL OF LlBRRTY." Ann Arbor, Apr. 22, 1842. H JLLOW WARE, STOVES. &c. T.'IE Subscribers bave just received from th Geauga Coinpany's Furnace a large consiga ment 3Í Hollow Ware, consistinjr of SUGAR KETTLES; from 22 to 60 gallonsCAULDRONS.severalsizes- POTS; KETTLES; BAKE-OVENS wi'hlid TEA KETTLES; GR1DDLESSPJDERS; and Fire Dogs of all sorts and sizei They will also shortly be in receipt of lot of r PARLOR, COOKING, AND BOX STOVES, embracing all the varieties of the most improvda patterns- all of which they will sell at furnac pnces; adding transportation; at wholesale orre[3]l. They keep constantly on hand to eell at Iowe rates. SALT, fresh from the works. FLOUR AND TAR. _ . PARK.SH&CO. IVear the Rail Road Depot. Ann Arbor. 31y


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