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Peace Versus War

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The greatest philosophic statesman of Rome declared tliat "tho worst peace was bet ter tlian the most prosperous war." This is trueif reference is liad to the interests of the countrics engageo. in it. 13ut the dcstruc!ion of international commerce, thederangenieiit of internal trade, the loss of employmeuf, and the diversión of the labor of thousancia from pursuits that benrfit mankind, and tlie deprecialion of the valueofail properfy that is not capable ofbeing used for warlike purposes: these are minor evils of the war system. [t corrupis the moráis of people, deranges all places of j intellectual nnd religious educa' ion, and : inscs a slavish spirit aïnorig tlie maíses'; and so prepares the nation for submission totyranny. The exceptionsto this remark are fov : thoy are found only m rcvolitlions, wherc struggling buraanily roused its R-rce to regain lost nglits, wfested from it by ilie existing government. Even this wnr is full of moral ' and social evil. Our thoughts were directed i to thi.s subject by seeing in the Imelligencer ' the schedule of appropriationá made at the late Sesáion.. The appropriations for warlike. purposes, rnade in a year of profound peuce, ! when thcre is no prospect of war whatever, amount to MORE THAN $10.000,000; while all the tiïoney devoled :o tlie purpoííes of peace, ' is less than 7,000,000. Even nuich ofthia is rendered ïecessary by the prevalence of the i war systern. The abolitiou of the war sysUin would reduce our nationa! taxes to less than !?10.000,000- of whicli moro than oehalf might be devoted to internal inaprovemeiit. Ifslaverv was done away wilh it might be ; done. We hnve no othersource of national weakness. We are open to attack in no other quarter. We iteed armies and navies for no good purpose. The eftbrts of Mr. Ada.m? to reduce the army and navy, were those of a true Patriot, a sound, philusophic Statcsrnan, capable of seeing the force of the maxim of the great Roman orator with which we began. - AlhanXj Patriot. dCr A new Liberty paper, the Ohio Freeman, has been eslablislied m Trumbull Connty Ohio. It is edited by L. L. Rice, former Editor of the Painesville Telegraph, a Wli ig paper.Üj33 They hink of úohjing some Abolition Cáñíp Meetings in Oino during tlie summëh


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