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The cause of Human Freedom in this State seenw lo be steadüy on the gain, notwithstandinglhe proslavery origin and charactcr of a large portion of the inhabitants. The following extract from the letter of a valued correspondent in Noble county wil! show whal is doing in that vicinity "Wc have not been able to obfain a list o." the Liberty voters in this County, but in the town of Johnson the vote for town ofiicers was 23- 'last fall 9, aüd the year before, orit. In Dloomfield a good part of the Liberty ticket was elccted. The vote was 28in 1843, 38 last fnll for Birney, and now we shall bc disappointed al lees than 200. The Whigsare pleading. for Votes for an Anti-Texas Wliig for Congress. He is pro-slavery enough, having spent hisj whole energies last senson lor Clny. - They can't trap Liberty men here any more: last fall's lcsson has taught many a freeman bis duty. We hold (o-möi'row a Mas? District nnd County Convcnlion, to nomínate for County, Slae and Congress. We shall place a Liberty man in the field with Anlrew Kennedy and L. G. Thompson, and show them we are not to be bid ofl' by Whig. The're is nothing that 1 deprécate so tnuch as the plan of voting for the candidates of other partios. It seem that we have had dettr-bought experience enough on that point to satisfy us. There was a Liberty Association orgrxnized in ibis ncighborhood last night, for the discussion and dissemiwaijofr of our principies, and to raise a fund for lecturers, books, tracts and papers. They vo-ted to send for the Signal, Aibany Patriot, the Indiana Freeman and asupply Of Liberty Al manaes and Liberty Minstrels."{Lƒ"" The huiighty, doraineering spirit e.igeiidcred by holding slnves sremfl to adhere to a largo portion of the maslers in uil sittintions. Ilerc is a specimen of a New OHcans slavebolder, travelling in Euiope. We find the account in a letter from II. C. Wrighf, dated Innsbruck, Jníy I.'J, 1844; "Here I lenvn one of my compnuionF, n New Orlcan8 sl;iveho)der, a most singular compound of n man. In efrery town and hotel he had a quarrcl wub the pólice, the landlord, the wanere, the drivers, or ome of the passengere. The passengers have been gondiug hini r.bout Siatery uiid Jimerican Devwcractj- 'Cor lie is a red-hot Democrat, like the hypocriies Jnckson atid Polk. His bed, hiB wash-stand, his towele, his food, his seat in coach, his billa1 öf fare, were never to his niind. He has been insolerrt arrd brutnl and cursing-to liis inferiors, and rode and mnlicioua to his superiors. Yet he is a gfeat professor, carries his Bible in his- pocket. Ho talks piously and penitontly one moment, nnd thu iiext is ready to knock yon down. Uc tnlks feelmgly of consecrating all to God, and puffd tobáceo smoke in your face all the time. He is very good ternpered on Sundny, and fiets, Bcolde, 6wear?, and is full of wrnth all the rest of the week. Me is a cenuine specimen of the caut Si hypocrisy of a pruying piousslavchohter."


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