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The Abundance Of Civilization

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ge of Gov. Wright, of New York, jn, ow what a vast accumulation of human sr mforts is made by the arts of n n nnd good gnverntnent. To c0 0 the result fully, we ought to have a of insus of the efiects of the red men who c0 habited the State in 1645. The people w, " New York have abundance to eat, c ïnk, and wear: whence thon originates c e complaint of "hard times1?" fa "The staüstics of the proiluc'ions of ai rriculture and manufactures are very se ilt' and cannot fail to possess great c rest. a The mproved land, in the slate nverass a trifle more tlian four and a half ll es each soul, andthere is produeed f rom it 1 of wheat, corn, rye and buckwheat, a read stuffs proper, according to -u ication, a fraction less than thirteen and L ne-third bushels to each individual of the opulniion; of barley and oats, a fraction q ;ss than eleven and one-third bushels; of h enns and peas, about three-fourths of a r ushel; and of potatoes and turnips, they { eing the only articles given of the root rops, a fraction more than nin and a half ushels. The milch cows are more than ne to three persons, and the butler and heese, togelher, average more ihan forty lounds, to each person. The neat catite j ire very nearly one to each soul, and the logs more than one to two persons. - Che wool and flax produced are a little c ess than six and a half pounds to a i ion, and the cloth manufactured, in , ies and in factories, is more than ( een yards to each soul."ot agreed as to the conrse to be pursued in i evising the laws - whether to go through vith the wholc at the present session, or to :all a session next November for the express ( mrposeofrcvising them. The letter writers , rom Detroit are prejudicing the people against , he code, because it raises the salaries of the State ofïicers, impoees specific taxes,as$l .')0 )n"distilleries, S2J per cent on the capital of rokers, forbids a man to scll a barrel of pork 5r flour out of the county without branding, &c. &.c. Wedonot opprovs of such proiisions os are here statedr but it is obvious that no accurate judgment can be formed of the stalules tili thcy can be seen. The revisión thould notbe made in haste: for we had better nol chauge the old statutes at all Linlss we can charige for the better. QIt is generally agreed by the Washingi on letter 'writers that the tuelve months notice to England to qiiit Oregon vvill pass the House. lts passage by the Scnate is doubtful. Some of the Senators are in favor ef leavingjlhe giving of the notice to the discretioiï of the President. The war speech of Mr. Aí'arns produced a great sensation in Washington, and greatly nnimated the wor pany. GCassius ftl. Clay is on a visit to the Nortlt. He recently addressed a large audience in New York City. We have not seen the report of nis discourse. Virginia has furnished a Secretary of State for the nation 21 out of 56 ycars : New York, tico years.