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oiiaer uns ueaü. we propuse 10 conunije mi une, business, and plnec. of all who ndveriisf ' the Signnl, frce of charge, durinc the time icir ndvcniaepients continue in ilie pnper. I? Manu fnc tur rj8, Booksellera. M.ichinists. ' Wholesale Mcrr;hnnts, ond all others doing on Uf.nsire business, who wi&li to advertise, will " nd the Sinal the best posáiblo medium of comlunication in ilie State. W. S. &, J. W. Maynakd, DruggistB, Ann Tl.or. Brccukr & Abbott. Dry Goot!. Deiroit. IiAr.i.ocK &, Raymon, Uuady Made (Jloiliing, tetroit. S. W. Foster, &Co., Woolcn Mumtfaclur ra. Scio. W. A. Ravmovd. Dry Goods, Deiroit. E. O Sc A. Ckittkntox, Smui Machines. n Arbor. Sn'ord &. Park. Drngeisis. Cincinnaii. W. R. Noyks, Ju. Stoves & Hardware, Deroit.t . J. IJ. t,,n,NE, Insurance Olhce. Ann Arbor. H. Gkkgoky, Sosh and Blind Maker, Ann r Irbor. jr G. F. Lvwts. Exchnn?o Broker. Detroit. T. Bi.ackw OD. Homa'pathist. Ypsilnnti. D. j. La Tourettk, Linseod Oil Pactory, Long Lnke Calvn Br.Tss. Jowoller, Ann Arbor. W It. Pküuv. Rook Store, Ann Arbor. P. B. Ripi.kv, Tcmpcrnnce House, nctroit. i Hahuis Sc Williams, Sieain Füundry, Ann -rbor. E. O. BunoK.n, Dontist. Ann Arbur. H. & R. Partridíe. Machine Makers. Ann Arbor. T. A. Havit.and. Renl F-stae, Ann Arbor. Knapp & Havii.and, Machine Makers, Ann Arbor. .1. Roi.MKS Sr. Co., Dry Goorip. Detroit. Kldp.kd & Co.. Tannery, Deiroit. A. C. McGkaw &, Cü.j.Leather und Shoes. Detroit. F. Wktmote, Crockery. Detroit. R. Marvin, Hardware. Detroit. S. D. Burnett, Pentist, Ann Albor.