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ie fIovc, 83; and of tbese 88, but 68 e co ! representa tives of freemen. the '. _' p 20 beingr ropresentatives of slave , hJsays, i mnnncr in whinh the preeent ratio of not jL sntatives wqs fixed, is one which should recOg with lasting the northern the pi atives. wlio voted for it. The muiiber tion v v the House, was one representative dated tcxy 50:189 inhabitants. This would mand jiven them S06 members; but the Senate, objeel g the influence of so loige a body of . rn as ibis would give, gent back the bil], gu) . ihe latio of 70,680, which would reduce r [ouse to 223, and give the free States n recei ty of 47, instend of 6. But why the ay f mniber, G80? It drprives jour great So fa . nf the J'orlh, namely, Massa chusells, been York, Pfnnsytvnnia, and Ohio, of otic of a 1 ereach. at th en thecorreppondenl ofthe New York man ld could thus wriie at the time: "The ie apportionment lias robbed the north I least, one quarter of its prnctical influin the Union, when remorded in its full it; nnd tho metnbers of the fiee States T voted for it, hnve thus snrrendered iho frocr e of their constituent:-, and vioiated tbeir dic ; frorr is cnrioupralso lo look at the frnctions jnte] presented. The slave Slntes havo but n )92f the free, 218,093. The frnction of inia is but 2! that of Pennsylvania, 27,- Prof. Cleveland. cm F re }rVe know not whetlier we have ove ?d that Ihecars on the Central Railroaduhe run to Kiilamnzoo, distance ot 145 tniles par i Detroit. It is about ten years s'mce the d was commenced, and 55 miles more are to be comp'cted to bnng it lo a terniination ]at( [iake Michigan. An -LliL_l-,.L _.'. mmnuimmmjm of