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The wiirers compfain that the doings ol boih Houscb are insuffcrably dull. In the Sen ue, tlio Oregon discussion proceeds nt the rate !' ;i speech n day. The Senators hnve plenty ol j eisure - üvc on the lal of the land, and are noi in the least Jiurry to prepare ihe country against a furcign fue. Botli Housts ndjourncd over froni Saturday lo Tuusday ostensibly lo pny respect ;o Gen. 1 Washington's bii ih-d;.iy, but rcnlly to make thr session une d'iy longör, and draw tlieir pny. - Th is foolish custuni is eyery year conlbrn cd to ly our State Legisliituie, and fur the saine ren son. Logiolaiors slionld d inè business fr which tiit-y wcre clected. and then go home. On the 25th, ufter the concluvon of Mr. DicUinson'd icmarks, a inoiiou was oflercd by Mr. I Dnyion, for the poüiponeiiKiit of the furiher considcration of the subject till Monday lortniííht: on the ground that the recent news froni Engnn wns cniinently pacific. nnd that n correspondmi; spirit should be ninnifceted here. Mensr8. Allen and Cass opposed. in n vcry decided tnanner, this niotion- espresscd tlieir Joubis as to the pacific charactcr of the news - reiterated iheir views as to the Wisdom nnd duty of presenting a bold and nnlaltering attitude, and urged that postponcincut would be virtually a deparuire froin the unshrinking course thus fni )ursuc(i.Mr. Cnllioun anxious Cor an tmmediate vote upon thc nmendmcnts, so tJiat ihc qncsiion might be ai once pie&entcd m Mj final (orín. A proposition lias heen made in ilio House foi cnquinug intu thc cxpcdiency of imiking deputy postmnsicrij clccúvc by ihe peoplc. Why not ;lcct dic Ttostmastcrs ? Thc following bul on Mtieage has becn introduucd inio the IIouso : Be t cnarUd $c. Thnt, nfter tho elose of thc prcsoui scssionrW llieS9ih Conurcss, tlic pny iur mücagc of monibers of Cóngrcss shnll be as fol lows. to wit : lor every tweniy miles betvreen :h : n-üidenco of cach nicmhcr nnd thc Capítol, thc siiin ofeight dolíais, the divt.mcc to be computed by the nearist mail rout by Innd ; and that C3ch member, helorc he shall reeeivo liis pav, s-hall deposite a wjhicn certifícate wiih the prop ir oDicer for pnying snid inoney, that lio has acuiully travrlleil nt l'.ast eaid discuice. And te it far'.hr cnactal, That ineniliers living over twtlvo hundred miies froin thc Capítol. sli.atl reeeivo at ihe ratc ol ten dollars per huntiicd miles, for any distatice txcccdiug said iwelvc hundred miles, nnd no more. Thc following bilí respec in Con s'.ructivc Mileojgp ptip.flp.d thc llouse, wiih only ]() ii,,ys. among whom wcre J. Q. Ada.i.s -ind Giddings. te .'fmáéie'd'&c. That no Senator sball reecive or be BÜuweJ any travel feea wiiutsoever or attending any called executive scskíoii of the Sennte, uní esa he shall havo aeiu.illy travclled and perfurnied tho journey for such meeting ; and that no consiructivc-travel lo attenil sue'i Executive bcssiyn fahall be made or n any c;isc atlowed. U'hile tdo bilí was pending, Mr. Petit anid he could not suflieiently expiess tlie contempt he felt for ilicsc miserable aitcmpts at retrenchnient and reform. lio Uncw of no Senator who had abused liis trust, and he was not disposed to go in seach of one. lío was willing to express the opinión here, to avowitin the face of thc House, and he wihed bis constituent to know ii, that, nstead of curtailing the pay of niombcrs of Congress. he would doublé it. These wretthed attempts at demagogism werc not to be tolcratcd. Me despised them. The news by the Cambria excited much discuiion among the roembers oí Congreso The frientls of Free Tradc were greatiy delighted, and íooked for complete and oaey success in the establishment of Mr. Walker'a policy on the tariíf. Thc pacific nature of ihe uew gave fayorAble. nmicipations of thc pcaccful adjustniont of tho Oregon questtoh.