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Tendency Of Republicanism

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The tendcncy of all representative formsof government, and tnost emphatically of ours, is, to enlargo the power of individunis, and to circumscribe those of the government. This tendency is evident a rrioir; it is equally apparent in the past history of our country. All our great questions of legislation since the American constitution went into operation have ansen from a diilerence of opinión upon this point, the limits of the legislature prerogative. In most cases, the individual has been sucecssful, and the government has succumbed. It has been already substantially conceded, that it is no part of the funcUons of apolitical government, to bank, to trade, to lend money to make internal improvements, and to supply religious instruction to its subjects; and the tendency of the publie mind is to question the right of the government, to say who shall sell and buy meat and bread, or who shall bc paid for themj who shall transport our letters and newspapers; who shall superintend the instruction of our poor childrcnj and, indeed, almost all the other political powers, save those whicli are necessary to keep one man's hand oiFhis neighbor, and to maintain inviolate the universal and common rights of life, hberty and property. - Dcm. Review. Djf A bilí to aboli.h Capital PunÍBhmcnt was lost in the Ohio HoUbO of Represomaiives- ayea 21, nocB 23.