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Opening Of Buffalo Harbor--heavy Damages To Shipping!

Opening Of Buffalo Harbor--heavy Damages To Shipping! image
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On Saturday afternoon o report carne thal the ico was forming a daoi somc threc miles up the créele, and the probability was that when it gave way, it wou ld do much damnge below. It did give way, and carne rushing down about half pnst seven, urged fonvard with impetuous vioience by the high waters ofthecreek. When it struck the stcamboat VViscoasin, which was moored near the Clark Sí, Skiniier canal, she broke nlthough held by twostrong cable chains - one attached to an anchor, ar.d the other to threo piles - and a hawser, and swecping in her course twcnly two olcaniboats, brgs and schooners, most of which were more or less injured, besides da maging others along the Creek. - BuJ)aXo Pilot. Stealing nevcr makes a man rtch ; ahns ncver makc a man poor; and praycr ncver hinders a man? busint-ss.