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The Position And Mission Of The Liberty Party

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It is obvious that tlio adoption of i fundamenta], moral and economicnl Principie as ihe basis of n man's politie?, will gradually mouldand color all bis politi-' cal ideas, excopt wheré its influence may be counferacted by some power ful interest. The Democrat of Pennsylvania jV not a Freo Trader, simply because Pennsylvania is fully impressod with the beièf that a Protective Tarifl'is essentiaf to her interest. The Democrat of South' Carolina upholds Slavery, the Democrat of Louisiann. 0te3 for a Tariff on sugar, botli grossly anti-Democratic, becnuse the indvience of their Principie iscounteracltd by dcep-rooted prejudice and apparcntly formidable pecunïary interest.Slill, as a general rule, ono great Pin' ciple in politics, especial!}' if k hávé llic combíned sancübn ofpolitical econóniy, moráis and religions, vvill dolennine llie whole of a man's polifical creed. l:s opperation will be gmdual ; producing under snine circunistanceF, and ín son)e individual.sits completo results,moro speedi." ly than in others. Some will bo clearsighted enougli to comprehend its general benringal the moment of its adoption, and enndid and sclf-dcnying cnough lo harmonizo all ihcir policy with tliis comprchension. Otliers, from want of a philosophicn! in'ellrct, will seo no applícation of tho Princ'ple bevond the par-'ticular question on which thcir attention is fust directed to it. Ötbers, in vol ved in Ihe mists of old beliofs, will bc able to clear thcïr mental horizon, very slowly, catching at first mero glimpses of innumerable practical questionsto be solved and setiiod by itsauthority. Sometimos, a peculiar concurrencc of circtimstances may bring to light an applicaüon of the .Vinciplo, not foreseen by tho most prescient intellect. The Liberty party has laid down cor: ain great Principies ns tbo basis of its" nction, which are at once?, Iïelfgiou?, floral, Pojiticul and Económica? Periaps they may be thus summcd ;ip : - The Kqual Righis of all men to Frce fhoughi, Freo Speech, and Freo Action, - the Protection of these Rights, the solo object of all Human Luw, and lio Human a v binding which violatcsthem - lloncsv, the bist Policy - no compromiso witli V rong. These Principies íhriy have laid dowti1 s tho basis of their action agaiost Slavcy, which san attempt toannihilato all lose Riglits, - agaifist Sla very, all the iws in .support of wliich must bs invnliu, ecouse designcd to subvert ihosc rights, - against Slavcry, becdyse it is a lying ssumptioh that real prosperity can ba chieved by a perpetual vioíatiori of Ñatual - nga'inst SíaVéryj beeause tho ivoritc policy pürslied by tlie Governientofthi. lli'public, rts Religious Beevolent and Liierary Institiition?, its' éctariair und Politica! Organizations, rom Uie forniation of tho Constitution to' this hour, bas been one of Compromiso' wilh Wrong. These piinciples, True, Sublirnft artd'