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Destructive Tornado

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On yesterday morning, a heavy rain ushered in the day ; but about 10 o'clock the rain ccased, and the sun shone forth in all its splendor. Soon, however, the sky was againobscured with dense clouds, uttended by high wind anda copious fal I of rain. About 3 o'clock, a dreadfu 1 cloud of smoke, dust and rent timber belokencd the approach of a tornado. It came, and in its train, brought ruin and desolation. Ilouses and gruves, whicb but yesterday niorniñg were the pi ide and beauty of the town, ure now invisible, save in aloms senttered hcre and (hore over the face of the country. Tlmt noble edifice, the Baptist church, is now a heapofruins. Eyery house wit hm the sweep of :he hurricane was laid low. - But wei-c this all, we should have less cause lo mouin. Amid a general confusión, the groans of tlie dying nnd the heart-rending lamenta ioii-s of the living, ihe storm left ustopursue its march of devaslation thro' ihe country. A list of killed i given numbering 20, and about the same nutnber woundcd ; uhi'ch it is fearcd does not embrace all.