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Foreign News: Arrival Of The Great Western: Eleven Days Late...

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The Steamer Great Western, Captain Mathews, arrived at 10 o'clock on Monday morning, 15 2-3 days f rom Liverpool. She brings out 117 passengers, among them is the U. S. Consul at Liverpool, nIio visits home for a few weeks by permission of the President. The uews in a political point of view, is of considerable interest and imporlance, jnasmuch as it gives nssuranccof the uliimate passage by the Housu of Lords, oí Peel'a Corn Importation Bill. It passed lo a second reading n the House of Lorda at five o'clock in the morning of the 29th, after a debato of three days, by a vote of ayes 134, proxics 73, nays211. Present 226, proxies 38 - VVhole numbor of noes 164. Majonty 47. The bill was considered porfeclly safe. and will probably be the law of the land wilhin a month. The Cambria reached Liverpool on the ovening of the 28th, withnewsof theoutbreak of hostilities on the Rio Grande. In relation to the Oregon notice, the guropcan Times says:- "Tho queation wheiher or aot the President oí the Unitod States had givcn tho noiico respecting the joint occupancy of the Oregon territory tothe British Government having formcd the subject of a controversy vith the Knglish press, we had the satisfaction ol stating upon the highest auihority, that such notice bad been given, and that the Great Western carries out in her present trip the answerof the British government, wtiich we have reasoj lo behve is of a conciliatory and friendly character. Queen Victoria gave birth to a princess May 25. Addresses of congratulations vere presented by Parliament. Prince Napoleon escaped from the Caslie of Ham on the 20th uit., and was lp London at tho last advices, The accounts of the hqw potato erop n:[reland are upon the wliole encouraging. The arrival of the news that hostilities laving broken out between the Uiïlted States and Mexico, ha3 caused prices to iecline fully One-half per cent. in pite of lie favorable impression produced by the iecision n the House of Lords. The markets in every part of the counry wilt be moro or lesa aflected by the econd readingof the corn bill in the House jf Lords ; bul the efiect will not be fully leveloped by the sailing of the stearner jn the3d of June. The greatest excitement prcvaiied n Londen yesterday. (May 29.) repecting the news from the United Stalesand Mexico, and the passage of the second reading of the con, bil in the House of Lords, by a majority of 47. Two special engine expreases were forwarded, each running 210 mües in six hours.