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To The Antislavery Ladies Of Michigan

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The Exccuiivc Commmco of' ihe Stntc Anti - Slavery Society havo deaigncd toaddresí you upan ihe aulijcci of ufliciüiit organiv.ud co-operatioii with thom in the iiolilo causo of Emaiicipation for sume weeks post, hut tito ubsence ol some of their iinmbcr upun wliom (ho duty would more patticularly dcvolvo, and the preatinfi engügfincnis of others, havo compelled iheni to delay it unüj ihc irostnl. And thcy are most happy loob-crvc that tnany of you have nlready anjtcipnted tlicir request, and commeneed your labors witli n zeal and energy ihnt givN proinise of aluindant tucpeBS. Tlicir iddress al ilie prcHcai linie may therc-forc be regarded nttlicr as congratula(ory upon the auspicious coniincnconicnt of your labors, than nn nppeal dirfel for iheir comn enceinent. Althougli so often the theme of high eiHdgiuipj yot nothing is more underrnted than ïho power of fcmale inHuence, when oxerfed m o righieous cause. Wo do not decni ii ncedfu! at the present lo discusa and establish ilie lact of tiiis influcncu. Al! ncknowledgo its existence, and no man wiih tho common sr nsitiilittcs oiour nature but hns too oftcn feit it. Man's influence ovor bis feltaw man tftOiigh jiowcrful, e ófton like tho mountnin turrout whicli rjuihinc inipctuons onwird. beais nll beforc il for n season, and thcii leavca dusolntion in iis track: hut Wo;nan's influcnec, distilling likc the dew of llcavcn. gentío, constant nnd no Kss cflec:u.i!, fertilizes and refreshes yrbere il goos, and nirals over iho heart with irresistlesa power, which prompis to .ïeiion. It is this tnilueiicc we seck to invoke. Wlien has it ever been solicitcd in a holter cause? IVced we point to our guiliy country blceding at every porc- agitntcd, distracicd. nnd dishonored in ihc ight of tho uations of Le carth for its participation in a jnilty war with a peighboring nniion lor the sole purpose of exttnding the curso ol Si.avkky? Need wc pub - lish tlie fact that this Heaven-daring sin. ruwn huary under the very wings of ihe sanctüary, has so enlrenched ilsclf 111 llic American Church as to bafflo the cfibrts of the wisc and the good to cast it out, and ihus secure iis certain speedy overthrow T Or point lo itb degradiiig, brulalhcing influences upon your own sex - subject irrg them by the will or caprice of a Iordlíng masior, to bc torn by the ruthlcss hand of violtnce froin husbantf, faiher, ciiild, and all those holy, doincstio ties, which tend to swecten lifv's b:tier cup, and enhancc a thousírnd fold ite j.iyo, left to thé prey of lnwlcss nvarlcc or lust ! ! F rom the tnultiiudcof painful which the fiulil o! Anicrioan Slavery is daily produciog, wc wonld point you to ono narratcd in the last ;Signal of Libeiiy" n having occurred in the City of New Orleaní - headed 'Toor Pauline." Jf therc 9 not power in tliat simple recital of fact to nwaken all the ltoly indignation of your houris, and airay ihcm i:i desperate, ceaseless confl;ci, against a systcni which can by nny posibiliiy be made to work such brutal outrage upon your sex, we know not whatcan do it ! In the sku! stirring l.ingunge of annher,whcn contemplating sucii faots mny we not ask - Can you behold unhecdintr. Lifö'i holiest l'üelings Orushed ? While Womvn's heakt isbleeding, Shall Womas's voick lic huahcd ? ? Wo cannot bul believe that with ihe ful! om - goings ol benevöieiit hcaris, you will put iorth uiiitcd and uniiringencrgicB to dentro) a eystcm which is thus in nn especial tnanner brutnlízjng and dishon.iring your own scx. Bc not moved trom your stcadfastness, by the idlo taunt by whicli siüiic braiuless ones may scek to assail yonr efTiis na thcy muy taüntingty enquire what can woman do in a cause so intciwoven in ihe politica! frame work of society? Doubtlcss these sanie objcc'ors would eviJunce thcir hypocrisy by asiiírtiñg to others wherc it would beller suit !lu:ir urn, i!:ni ii was puroly a iiioral enterprisé, and shonld nof enter the poKijcal arena. We know it is not your provincc or your duiy toenicr that arena and war amid the din and strife of con landing partios. Your'e is n purer, hdlicr ephere - une tin. t inight wo!l cmp!oy anangtl's sympaihie-. and powtjrs, to move nmid t he tender, sacred chords ol benevolenl feeüng in othcr hearls and by liie mild, yet finn and constant prcseniation of soul-stirnng truth, itnpel to action. It is not that the fnctsconnccted with thejgLar sin ot Amj.uicak Slavkut have lost tlicir power to move the hcaris and conscienceg of niun. that wo bec so much apparent stupidity and indifierence nmotig ihem pon this subject, but tha ihto.llgh projudicc. and often times unholy Btrifo, they have wilfully blin.-icd their niinds and sluit their cyefi, ihnt tho light may not reach and dieturb them. Lel hut the fruits of woo and horror, with which tliis dinbolical systcm is fraught be brought home nnd pressed upon the mimi and hoart by woman's gentle voicc - lut her be the ministering ungel to bear the siglis and groans oí inillions of our down trodden, opprossed coun trymen, to the cars of fathers, husbands. brothers, sons, and they ennnot fail to awaken a tide of huhian syrnpahy, wkich will asjuredly prompl to nppropriatc and efficiënt action on the part of those who have (unJer I'rovidcnce,) the desiiny of our Naiion at thoir control. The work of Emancipauon in our land, surroundcd wiih its legión oí difriculties. nrraying against it the avarice, prejudit-e, lust and piidoof the human heart, we know is an flcrculean task - and yet wc kuow the power of truth, dircclcd by the God of truth - can accomplish it.and umid the diïcouragemcnts vvhich often weigh down the spirits of those long engaged in the work, we had your eflbrts as the harbinger of more speedy 9uccess. We would say. then prees lorward - bc not diacouragcd - scatter liyht and truih upon thie subject all around you - miike tho vcry ntinos nhore in which you movo fragrant wiih the breathings of y our soul for the oppressed. A? to the plans & manncr of perfecting yoiir organizations wc are diáposed io leave tliem cntirely to yourselves. as they must nccessarily vary undcr varying circum6tmces. Wc would lioweve,as the badisofyour opcrations referió tho skcich of o plan and constitiition pubiihcd reccntly in the Signal. Somcllung that while it combines simplicity in ils arrangenienls will nlso tond to secure prompt and persevcring action is what 8 needed - provition for meeting of local Associai n nis as often as semi inonihly, and Couuty Assocíqiíoii8 quartcrly, or eemi-anniially, will do much good. At the meetings of ihe former, we wouid advisc that ín uddition to the measures. you may deern needful for raising moans l.j sustain an agent in the field, or in othcr wuys udvnncc the antislavcry cause, somO of your iiuniber should be especially chargcd with the duty of collec'ing and presenting BUcli inteüigcnec as will tend to tir the hearts of those engaged with you in tho work, and this will be found no difficult taak when once attemptcd, for in addilion to the numerous encouraging facts touching the progress of the aniislavery causo in this nnd the othcr lands - the oporationeof tho ntrocijus system of American Slavery presente a field from which fucts of iho most thriliins, soul-stirring charactcr may constantjy bc gathored. TlieEC,togother wilh rmíny standard works upjn the subject, (not a fe Wol the most abïe from tho cn of yourown 6ox.) nfford1 rfnjplc room for the collection of matter vvlïich' cannot fai! to eiilivcn and interest your rnuctiiig's, iitid rendcr thetn prob'lnl)lc to nll wliu may bu brought onJcr iheir influencc. At tho more public meetingn of your County or othcr Societice, yö'ü boti doubtless tgoQre tlio nttendanco of antislnvery brctliren, whoae henna uro in tho work and who will be roady to comribuie nll in theJr power to give interest nntf profil to thosc gnthcrinys. In conclusión perniit us toaddress yon in the spirit-stirrmg nppcal of the Slave, indited by one of your own ee.v, (lormerly u resident of thts Stnte, hut long sónce pnsmk] ta her rcward,) who hnd n hoort to feel, and a pen to p'.oad for his tacl condition - Christinn. tnothcr. pisjcr, wifo ! Ye who wcura cuardêd lile - Yo, wftcwo bliss Inngs nol üke mine, On a lyrnnt's word or in, 'ill ye hear, Vr.ilh c-irelesH cyC, ()t die will dcpairing nry, Risin.[j np from human hi-arts, As thcir latcst bliss departa 7 niest onrs! Wliom no hnnds on eorïh - Da rus 10 vrencli fiom homo 'ind htinrih, Yc, vhosc In-arts are shcltcred wcll, By nflbetions ltIy epelf, Oh, foigct nut thosc lor wliom Life is tintiüht In.t clmngeless gloom, Oo'r vh03e dxy of chcerliisssorrow, IJopo may piint no brighier morrow. That you may nll pirtakeof hkc Henvon-born sytnpithy for the oppressed, and tnect with cnInrgcd buceéis, is our enrncst desirc, whilo wo pledgc yotj our heariv co opcration in all your ellorts. On behalf of tho Kx. Coin. of ihe IHIich. State AniiKlnvcry Society. Detroit, Junei-'C. I64fi.