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Uhder ihis, we propose to continue ihc name. business, and place, of all who advertist in ilic Signal, Iree of cha ge, during the time thcir ndvertiscneins continue in the paper. O Manufacturera, Booksellers, Machinists, Wholesale Merchante, and all others doing nn txUritn business, who with to advertise, will rind theSigmil rhebeat poasible medium of comrnunic.ition in tlic State. W. S. &J. W. May.naru, Druggist. Ann Artor. Hai.i.ock Sí RAVMOND.Cloifiing Stcfre.DdVoit. S. W. Fosikk, &Co , W ooien Munufactur er8. Sciu. V. A. Ratmomj. Dry Goods, Detroit. E. O & A. Ciurrí.NToN, Sutut Machines, Ann Arbor. Ci. D. Uii.t.. Merchnnt. Ann Arbor. T. M. Ia'os. Gnicene, Detroit. J. Duit] si 's. Water Power. Scio. J. C. Cka.vk. Hauof, Detroit. J. II. I-uní' Ar Co.. Mcrcliants. Ann Aibor. H. H. Giiií-KiN. Real Ksinte, Ann Arbor. R. ÜWHisoN. Merchnnt. Ann Arbor. (i. F Lkwis, ExchnitL-e Droker. Detroit. T. 1ïi.ckv .ion. Hóracepathist, Ypsilanti. Calv ir Bi.iss. .leweller. Ann Arbor. W R. Vr.Kfty-, Rnok Store, Ann Arlor. P. ., Tempt ranee Hoasé, Detroit. Hak nis &, Williams, Sie.itn Fouudry, Ann Arbor. R. G. BoRQtnt, Dcntist. Ann Arbor. J. Hoi. mes A'. Co.. Dry Good, Detroit. f Ki.DRK.D &. Co-. Tanneiy. Detrit. F Wkt.mokk. Crochery. Detroit. R. Marvin, Hardware. Di-ttoit. M. & R. Partriftgo. Mnchinisis. Ann Arhor. Knapp Nj, Hami.and. Macliiiusts, Ann Arbor. A. C, McGicaw &. Co . Leatlier Detroit. WiRswKtL & Dixos. HarÜwore.N. Y. City. Watkiss Ct B'issp.i.i., Forwardine. Dciroit. C V. S,i(Tri. Hotel. Niacmra Fnll. .1. T. WiLLáos, Corn Milla. Jm-kson. S. FtNNKv. TVrnpernnce ílotel. Detroit. R. F. Giv. Tenipernnce Hotel, llowcll. S. W. F s'ER. Scio, Thré'shing Machines. .T. M. Bkown. Stoves. Ypsilnnu, Midi.