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KËW COGKESW STOVÈ, And Stoves ef all hindá. The suLiacribor would cali ihe attenuon of tl.e. tiblic to V7oolson-s Kot Air Cooking SïOVEVliich lie cnn confidenily rcconimrnd ns bcing ividedly superior to any Cock;n Stcve in nsf . ■'or simpliciiy n operation - ecnnomv in iucl, nd Tor uncqualted Bakikg and Roasting quolity, it is unrivalled. The ncw and important improvemeni inroduced in its construciion suuh as to inure great advantngea ovor all other kinds of Cooktng Stoves. WILLÏAM R. NOYF.S: Jr 70 Woodvvard Avcnuu, Dcioit. Dec. 12, 1845. 2tó WhoSk"?a!e Crroceries. THK SUJidCRIBL'R otlera iu Cjtntry HíerJL ihtnts, tl.e follOwJng eelected stock, on the most favorable teinis, and ai Om lotees t market n ices. Ifiï) chesis tens - assortcd pecknges, 40 hhds. su?ars, 160 baps coffec, 22 hhds. r.iolasses, 20 bags pepper, 15 do spice, fiO boxea tobaco, 150 do raisms. 30 do lonf 6:ig:ir, 100 do pipes 120 do bar soap, 200 do herring, &" bar: els senn uil, 15 bli's. niricken?!, 50 quintnls c ( .fijh, 5 tierces r;cp, 40 kegs g;ne.-, 35 bujía nurs - .'ssofci!. - ALÖO- 300 bnrrels ]yc wood, 'A cuses nrligo, 2 birreJs cnmphfir. 10 barrels cpsom sahs, 20 do madclpr. 300 k,.-gs whilf had. '0 borrels linseed oi!, 15 do spii its turpentine TflF.O. ÍI. EATON, Wh.ilesnle and Grocer, Stores, l8Jcnd 190 Jclfcrson Avrnuo. Mny", 18-:6. 267-iOw Hats and Caps, IN nll their varietis, a!so Cnins, Silk and Gingliam Umbrdlcs. Suspender?, rícli Sil! Scarfeand Cravnts. Silk, Linen and Kid Gloyes vttli every article in thni line can lie hal at fai rices and warranied to auit by f=endu) yon wishes by etter or by calüng at No 5?. Wood ward Avepue. 3 doors norïh cf Doty' Auction room. Detroit. N. B. Ministers nnd Liberty men suppliec at a sniall advance irom cost. gg-üm jaaies g. cïianf.. Ready Madí Clotjuíng ! ! IIALLOCK & RAYMOND, WOULU respeccfuüy cíill ihe attcniion o their friendi mul ihe cit'zens of the State ge; erally to tbeir fresh & extensive assortnicnt o Keaiïy Fadc CJoiliing just m'ariufactured in the latest stylt-e, and bes possible nianner, consisting in part of superfino oloifi Dresa nnd Frock Coats, Fine Tweed. Cashmareitê, Crotón Cossímere Snmmcr Cloth :m Merino,, Chnlly, Woorstdl anc M&rióínea yeSt. Blue, Black Lnd Fgncy Cassi mero, Tweed, Drap de ra, Merino, VVooretec nnd Drillm? Fanlaloons. together wiih a very !nrie .-to k f Linen. Drilling, Cotton Snck ond '1 weed Coats, Summer Pnnialoons and Vests. Sh:.-rs, Sccke, Ilandkerchiefs. Stockp, &c. &c. Al8o a very larce supply of fresh Brondcloths, Cassin eres and Vesting, which by the aid ol exporiönced eutters nnd lirst rnte workmen they ire preporëd to manufacture in ihe latest style and iesi possibïe manner, They are preparod to seJl eithor nt Wholesale or Rctoil at prites which ennnot fail to gtve sitisfiiciion, and would re.-aectfully solicit a caü from thosc visiting the city n want of Ready Mmlc Clothingor gonteel garmenta made to order, at their "Fdsl.ionalde Clntli'ng Emporium." corner of Jefferfion and Woodword Avenues, Detroit. May 20, 1846. 2G5-3m Paper Hungings. A LA ROE lot Of Paper Hanginga, and Bordering, for sale cheoprr than ever ofTcred n thia Village, at PERRY'S BOOKSTORE. June 15. 270-if