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CAN'T BE BEAT [ ' TM E suhscribcrs would iiiforin ilic Public, that tliey cüiuinui; to supply ilic Siatc of Micliijnn wiih L. 6. WALKER'S PATENT SJHUT T1.1CMI1.VJE 8. Tl-e largo nuinbers ot thesis Machines ijint have Keien sold, and the steadily increasing deninnd for tliem, s the best cvideJicc of tlicir real valué, and of thcii esumutiofi wuh ihose wlio huvu bocome (iiiiilii r wiili ihcir merils. W.w.kkh's Snuit Möchfné issuperior to others in the following pariiculnrs: I. As it combines the Beutiug. Sr.ownhg, and Bimcing Principien) it cieons ibe ü-nnumst f grnin in the best tnnnner, retoining all the trie i'iiin of the whent, oml disclinrging ihe siuut und Just ns f;ist ;is fcepnrnitti lioiu lliti whéht. - '2. t iy iwpU in eunstn.rllon. nnd is t!ierc(áTtí kss liable to Kcóme lieroigt d,intl costs ees lor rfpairs. 3. 1 rur.s very liglit, and ispcrfcctiy secure l'runi tire. 4. h isas durable as any ollar Machine in use. iï. It costs considerably i. r.s th in oiher kinds. These 'miuiitani pointso' diUlreine hive w en iIps Machine the próferenco with ihuse vvlio havo laiily ined it. Anionir a larga nunibtr u! Gent!cn:en in tlie Miüin Posinesf % ln ini!n be noiuéri, Icllowini; have a?cd ;he Machines, aivi eeri-iïeil to iliêir exrcllcncy and siiperioriiy: 11. N. IIo.v-ni. l'onnae. MicJi. K. F. CnuK. Rocliester, do V.. lï. ONKorsTir. Mnson. do M. F. FitiNK, Btnrtch, do H. II. Comstock. Cninsiock. do nufcieiues mny nlso be IV.lü to John BacoK, Auburn, Mich. W. Rvox, do do I). C: N ur.i.. m. Rock. do John Phiis. Monroe, do II. Dóüsmak, )o do A. Bca'ch. Wa'erloo. do Gko. Kkt ii::-.i. Mrusli;ill, do N. iÍKMKNWAV. Oílkl.TIK1, do Al! orders for Machines will be pro:rptly atu iiiieJ io. Addicfs K. O. &, A. CRlTTFNTOiV. Anti Albor. (Lower Town) Wasli. Co. Mich. Aug. 24, 18-15223- 1 y "Orockef áFwholesaie." FiVEDtRICK VVETMORK. has cnóstantly on hnnd. tríe Inrirest si"Cli in tbe West ol Crockiri, China, Gíussirare, Looktttg Gasscs and Plat ex, Bril nimia Wnrc 'Vraijs, Lamps and Wiclci'if, Pifícd liare, China Toys, 8,'c. 8fc.1 1 ís siock irtclu'dtts :i!l ilui vnriciics of Crocki iy ;.uJ .'hina, frótn ihc linct-t China Dimier and Tea Sctis to the rjmsi cmunoM and luw pricecl warc - fiom ilie riehest cut glnss lo ilir plaineat yiass wnro. Hiitannia Cnsiors ot'cv, ■,- kind. Britnnnin Ton Sciis. Collcc Pots, Ten Pois, Latvps. Candlesticks, &c. Solak L wu Lamí s of every dcsrr'ption from the mosi cusily cut i'mlor Lamp to (he chcapcst Store lamp. All ilie above anieles are importpd !y hiniselí ! i i ■ c r ! y from ilic iníp'ufa'értírtrs mid will fíe foh! ;ii Wholesale, n low as at any Wholesale Housc. expenses rom senooard addrd onl. A liberal disco uní i vén for c.-tsh. MenhiHits and oiht-rs tire inviied to cali and examine the above ofiítília ál ilir ld t-Und. No. I25i Jefferson Avenue (Eldicd's Block.) De troit. U-y " CLOVKRM ACH INÉS. TflRASHlNG MACHINES and St-perntor;ma le and sold by iliesul iluir Ma chine Shp, ncar tlie Pnper Mili, I-ower Town. Ann Arbor. KNA.PP ci: HAVlLAiND, Jan. 10. 1S4G. 217 if WHOLESALE & RETAIL A. M' PARREN, BOSKSELLER AND 8 ! ATIONEB SMART'S BLüCK, 1 37 J K F F V. n S O N AVENUE, DETROIT KEEI'S constantly for salea complete assort ment ofiMiscellnneous, Schooi and Classical Hooks, Letter and Cop Paper, plain and rul ed, Quills, Ink. Sealiníí Wax. Cútleryj, Wrapliníí Pnper. Prinling Pajier. of all sizes; an Boi7k. Ncwsand Carinister InU, of varions kinds BLANK BOOKS, fu 11 and hall bound. of ev ery variety of Rulinc, Meinoranduni Books. Sc -T6 Mcrcliams, Tenchcrs. and others. buyin,. n 'i;intie.-. larec ÜisCQjinl made. Sabbath School and Jöiblc Society Dop.-sior 247-tf Select 8c hooi. MISS J. B. Smitii. assisied by Misa S Fu:r.i-, p.niH'Uiues to íhe puhlic llial sbe i prepared to rcceive young ladies into br r BCnoo in tlic baotinent rooin oí ilie Epiá.-cpal Cbuich. Tkhms. - Fur quanorof 12 u'ceks. for Rnglis! branches from $2. u .;"; Frcnch and liolin cacl $3.axira if i u snel togciher 'ith :be Mnií! il studie, or sepnrnlclyi : cach. The schoo wi'l lie furnishèd wi.h a Philosophic.d ñppnni lus: nml occasiotml Icciurcs given on the Nai irral Scei cs. Mis. ííuehs will ive nstruedon o ni! wl, desire it, in Music, Ürawing, Painting and Nee dlewurk. Miss Smiih refers to the fullovvHiggenlterne'p Professors Willinms. Ten Trook, hnd Whec don of ilie Univcrsiiy; Rev. W. S. Curlip, Rev Mr. Sintnns. Rev. C C'. Taylor, Morí. E. IWun dy, Win. tí. M.ivnnrl Keq, Ann Arbor. April 20. U&. 262-if FOR SALE AT LOW PRICES AND EASY TERMS. rpWJE Sub.'ciil)er offers for sale q Farm, in tht J. lown of Dexter. of I(!G acres, nbout 8( acres iinprovci. AÏ8Ö a Farm at the moiiih o Honey Creek in b'ci.), 3 miles from this villnge, of l-ltí aeres, ü() nems iinproved. AIpo a Tarín oíie müe früíii this vill ige oflíiO acres, IOí) acres iinprovcd. E.nch oí 'ilu-se Farms are . dcsirnbls lócate d for resldencrs; havo eooH buildings ano' are ail well sviiered. Ateo iwu dwelling houses und lols in this vijjngo, 200 vílla'ge lo'.s; 21 out lolsot nboúi ono acre ctcI), in thc imniediaie vicinitv if ibis vilhigc. - 10 ocres timóered land. and 3J aerts iniprovec' 1} of a nulo from ihis dílnge'. Iso5 lips ui the Presbyterinn mee'inghoiipe. Any of :hc above ineruioned prpporfy will be sold at füirpricos and on a credit of of the purchasf money - Tille Perfect. JVftited, A SPAN OP GOOD HORSES ÍN PAY.MENT. WILLIAM S. MAYNARD. Ann Arbor. May 10, 181G. 2C4-6m V II E ÏTSTOVJES ! AT YI'SILANTl! 1O COOKING &PARLOR STOVES, I iJ just rcccivcd. by the Subfciiber, (mostly from Albany) nihkipg a gond asortinent o the latest nnd best pat terna, which will be sold al Lo7c Piiccs! not to be undersold ihis side Lake Erie! Also, Copper Furniture, Cauloron Keítles. Mollow Wure of all sizes, Stove Pipe, Sheet Iron, Zink, &c. TIN WARE.' Manufacíurcd, and constanily Kept on hand which will also be sold very low. P. S. - Purchascrs wilTdo well to cali and examine for thcir own satibfaction. J. M. BROWN. Ypsilanti, J:ne 20, 186. 271tf MEDICAL BOOKS. A NEW lot of Medical Books. just opened and for salo cheap for cash at Perry's. June 15. 270-tf Dissoliitïoii. THE Partnership under the name and firm of G. D. IJÍI1& Co. hnving dissolvcd by limtation, air pereons indebted to the concern by note or account, are notifíed that unlcss ihey cali nd poy or settle the same with G. D. Hil! pre ons to the Jóth day of June next, ;hey will ñnd he said notes and accounts in the hands of a uaticoof the Peacc forcollection. G. D. HILL & Co. A n n A rbor, May 1 1 1 84G. 26 i