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State Reforms: For The Signal Of Liberty

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It seems that the Liberty party at mrge re notyet disposed to addto the "one deti." But I think the party in this state nay, and ought to go thoroughly into rerenchment and reform, in their principes. This can be done without abating ur interest, or exertions for the slave. - ;n fact we owe duties to ourselves and mr posterity, as well as to the slaves. - knd thosc duties demand of us, that we ïlect men as legislators, that will reduce ;heir own wages one third, and the salary jf state oflicers in proportion. Men who mü promptly do the necessary business of a session, and adjourn, and not spend Lhcir time and the people's money in passing a law to raise an army of 20,000 men, and appropriaiing $100,000 for its support, when the state cannot pay the interest on their debts. And what was the necd, or object ofsuch a law, unless it was tnencourage and make popular, a most unnecessary and flagrantly unrighteous war against Mexico, for the sake ofrobbing her of territory lo increase slave ry. All the increase oi southern lerritory is for the sake of' governing the north in future by numbers and strength, if the time should come when they can do it no longer by bullying, brow beating, pistols, bowie knives, &c. Or of becoming stiongenough to dissolve the Union, if they choose, for the sake of perpétuating slafery, and the north is blind ènoügk to (Iieir own interest, and stupid enough to help the south accomplish their purpose. Our whole code of laws for collccdng need euch alterations, or rather we neecsuch new ones made, ihat justicc may be done tocreditor and ciebtor, in a much shorter time, und at much less expense. "We want legislators to make laws for the people, and not for lawyers and office holde rs. We want our candidates publicly pledged to these measures. The other parties have talked about retrenchment and reform tilt the peoplewill havo no confidence without pledges. For several years past each legislature have spent several thousand dollars in time, debatingabout reducing their wages, hut are sure to keep them up to $3 por dav. The state printing costs% doublé it need to, that partizans inay grow rich on tiie people. The session laws ought to bc printed and dibtributed in one month instead of six or eight. A great deal more might be said wiih reasons, or explauations, but the above, written in a very hasty marnier by an old farmer in harvest time, may be sufficienttoset people a thinking on theabove subject, and others connected, and may induce some who have more time and abilitv to do them iustice.CLINTON COÜNTY.For the Signal of Liberty. At i moeting of the Gencsco Conference of burches htlcl al the School House in the Athrton settlernent, in the Township of Flint, Gen5ee County. on the 30ih of June last, the iulwingresolution was passtd : Resolved. As the sense of this Conference, nat those who exerciee the nrerogntive of masr, and those who knowingly uphold and copnnancc Slnvery, do most flagrontly ontrage the icred Uw of mau's brotherhood and equaüty. ndareguilty of a heinjus sin in the sight of 5od. HENRY POST, Scribe. July, 1846.For the Signal of Liberty. Clntervillb, July 27, 18-16. Tn a communiciition io AVm. Goodoll Esq., in your paper of the 18ihinst., ar6 a few crrors which are so glaring I am eonstrained to csk you to correct theni. In the second clause. 12tU line for part read fa et. In the same clause 31st line for prayers read dangers. In the last line of the eolunin for other read olhinoisc. á Hfl I ahould noi cali atienlion to the rvSmf, bui the second error makes sheer nonsense of th passage, and does not leid any one to surmis what it ought to bc. Yours,