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By sornc menn we ncglccted lo notice a mnserly piece of oversecrship in the Editor of the Washington Union. Mr. Polk's pnper, in bring ns back the Ohio delegation, a pau of whom, viih Brinherboff for a leader, had conmjeneed deking stoutly at the new tarilTbill, and were net rcady to jump out of the party traces. - l'hfi Editor of the Union lcvellcd bis pen nt 3rinkerhofl" with as much precisión as ever o ilave-drivcr took aim wiih the lnsh: and tho uisterous Ohio boys instantly quailed, stopped Licking, and the Tariff bill was saved. We mny velt euppose thur this exploit amused tho slavelolders greatly, and the correspondent of the Charleston Patriot thus writes from Washington o the South Carolina nabobs, that they may articipaw in the laugh at tho northern dough'aces: The tactics of the demócrata were admirable, ind to no onc is due more than to the venerable diiorofihe Union. Old Blucher coming in the lick of timo, as he did on the latal field of Waerloo, wns not more decisivo of victry, ihan ho eriitorial ariicls in thi; Union, shoniing Bnnhrhoff as a deserter. and back tns Ohio Uanocruti to Ihcir duit. I repcat to you, it wns hat article wnïch secured the victory - it mnde ta appearancc in an opportune moment, nnd was luccfssful, and to the Napoleon of tho Presa, ightfully belongs the victory." OU Santa Anna and Alinonte left ilavannn for Vera Cruz on the 8th No account of their recepiion hrg arrived. D" We have received a copy of a sermón on the Study of the Bible, preached by II. L. Hnmmoud, of Detroit.