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"the Only True Liberty Party."

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The fullowing aro Wliig Senalora ftom slivo - iir lUling Stnics: Thorrns Clnyton n liiïin M. l:iyi'iii. f ),- :nvarc: J. A. I'.mici ■ ,i:i'! RevenJ) hnson of Muryliml; VV. S. Archer of Virgin: W. r. Manguin of _on!i O.iiolmi ; T. M L-rrien, of Georgia; A. Barro w and II. Joh n of Louisinna: J. T. RIorthead a ml J. J lc riitpnden ol" KenturUy. fn all. icr. Ben.itor.. A writer m tho Detroit Advertisnr dofendin: th ennior Davis for tlefontiiisr the takinir of the w irsioa on prohibiting Slavcry in California. l' lys: cs " He ( Mr. Dnvii) hnnr ffmt VX V, R V Poi-tii' ns Sknator, irresjitriirt ' pirty, lirsulos ' ivora norl]o;n dodghfice, woulii iiavp bren re ROp T the f Q'iTfl n iliis imotion, nnd thni ,r) e act ilir.s amcndc-'I woüfd linve burn 1 1" y the IIon?o of Jieprosetttnnvcs. Tö John s' taviö thcroforcl elopcé t ii e !inor of prevehfing ili ie rnlarcremcni .t Slavery wiih the eulargenioit fi f thr republic." a II ere is a rare demonstralion of ihe antislavery r Iiaracter of ilie Whig party, furnisliedby one p; f is own friends! Tkn Wliig Senators, 7 Rsenting scven Siates. nnd nearly half tlu: i er of Whigs in tbe Senate, wcro on'y savcd it Twn voting outiiciit for the enlargcinent of L lavery through a vast territory by the ndroitness b f a brothci Wliigin preventing a vote from d ag taken! We would cali the attentiun of our n cighbor of the Journal to tliis admirable p ration of his favorite doc'rinc. that ihe Wbig is he ''o.m.V tkuk Ljbkutv tarty " 7 IIow can -i ny onc doubt it. in the lace of uch evi.'cnce 1 rílese samo Whig Senators we were n'so nerly callvd 0.1 to oelicvo would keep Texns ml ! It runs in our tnind that the Detroit Advertiscr a ms strongly intimatcd a preferenco for Berrieti r Mangum for the next Wliig Vice Presidential andidale. It miglu be well for the Adveuiser ' o press their meritson the attenüon of rn Frecmcn. A detennination to vote for "ific niargcnent. of Slavcry w'.ih ihr. adargemmt oj 'te rcpuLlir.'' s set fonh in that paper, would ie au excellent recomnieiidarion at the North.