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4 dditional Reports. TI issopolÍ8, Cass County; Lewis C'Iisbcc, Ch'n. j"eco' icribod 42 dollars. fun(j 3alcm, Woshtcnaw Counly, Jno. Peebles nre r t'n. subscribed $27. not Valled Lake, Onkland County, T. Dcwc! Jj"! n. subscribed (23. for tiuuii, ouuscriDoa ana paia J. U. lialdwin, 5,00 Mr. McKnight $5. Spring Arbor, Jackson co., Prof. D. M. Grahatu Cha'n. subscribed ,"5,50. The above reporta aro from tho Town Commitices. The following aro from the Stnte Agent. Pontiac, J. A. Peck Cha'n. sub9cribed at meeting, $7. Subscnbed By the Cha'n. Mr. Peck, to be paid in a good horsc or buggy ai 8 clcction of Cantrnl Comniittee, $50. Oxford, Oakland Co. Jno. Thomas Cha'n. his own subscription, and paid in cash to State Agent 5 dollars. Rocbcstcr. Oakland Co. Martin Hayden Ch'n. subscribed 7 dollars. Birnr.inglmn, Oakland Co. E. S. Fish Cha'n. ' subscribed $G,75. :( Troy Oakland Co. Dea. T. Chapluin Cha'n. sub'd. $9,50. Paid 50 ets. f MACOMB COUNTTY ! Washington, no Cha'n. reponed, Bubsibcd a 7 dollarB, pnid 5 dollars 50 ets. Komeo, J. Ayrca Chu'n. subscnbed 9 dollar., J paid 4 tl. ll.ii-,. Bruce, II. McKaychin Cha'n. subscribed 6 dollars. Richmond. Rov. C. Kellcy Ciia'n. subscribod 13 dollars, paid 1. LENAWEE COUNTY. v No town nnnied, Eider Jno. Booth Cha'n. j, subdcribcd G dollars. Paid by Mr. Booth, 5 j dollars. , Franklln, Eider íi. Tripp. Cha'n. subscribed in all 26 dollars, bm 14 dollars of' it luivmg been prfcviously acknowledgcd. tho addiiioual 12 dollars is now reponed. Paid 50 cte. r Whüe Lake, Oakland Co. The Siatc Agont '] repons 5 dollars 50 cents as paid, of the subsci íbed nmount previously acknowledgcd. ] RKCAPlTt'f.ATIOK. t Amounts previously acknowledged. (( j Total sub. $751,:!5 Tot pd. $iÖ3,2i S( Casiopolis, 42,00 j Salem, 27.50 , Walled Lake, 2:5rOO Detroit, 10,00 10,00 Spring Arbor, 5,50 Pontiac, 7.00 Mr. Peck, 50,00 J. Thomas. 5,00 5,00 Rochcster, 7.00 Birminghain, 6,75 Troy, ü,50 50 Washington, 7.00 5,50 Romeo, 9,00 4,00 ' Bruce, 6.00 Ricbmond, 13.01) 1.00 s EiUer Booth, 6,00 5,00 . Franklm, 14,00 50 Jál,6d 4,?4 Particular of tho payments above 1 ï'lged, so far as they are known. Detroit -J. D. Ba ld win, $5.00 Mr. Knight, 6,00 Öjfofdf-J. Thomas, 6,00 Tro: - Cash, 50 Washington- H. Cslkins, ],00 Mrs. II. Calkins, 50 S. Lockwooi1., Ï.00 , Mrs. Phebc Burt, ],00 Wells Burt, 3.00 Jereniiah Cunis, 1.0ÍÍ r Romeo- R. R. Sroilh, 2,00 I Chloe Ba!chf 1,00 ' Jno. Moyer, 1.00 Richmond-W. P. Simonsy 1,00 Lcnaioce - Eider Booih, 5.00 l'rnnlilin. - K. Wheelatwl, 50 The Centrul Connnitiee apnin request friends o notiiy them of any error or omission. C AIso that the towrw, will report and send in onthbutions. C. H. STKWART, Chn'n: State Ceii. Com. , Dctroif, Sopt. 12. 184G. '■ u tl t k rircr t ríir'TTr r Tur'nT'v fr