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Some accounts from tlic ariny represent ihit tho' condiiion of iho volunteors is nut ilie most durable in tho world. Many of ihcir. are the meros t loafers and rowdie of the ciiis, and ilioir cunduet in all casjü 3 nol tlio tnoat exemplarj'. - Tlio rcgu!ar3 of the aitny are rnuch holler bolaved, and are in greater favor wiili tho natives. A writer esys of tho .Georgia Vulunleers : "Not n c'clic .cv - not a siir of Ftraw is furnishcd to flia v.-el! or sick. hotwitosfanding Dr. rloïey' f'rpqueni rcqulj-i'wns. íicre a lie in nud and water - wiih lesa rt":rA paid 10 our cn'rtnbrt than by thu ííírinera oí Gcoría lo ihoir nules."Anothcr saya r "A mnn bclonginíj io the Ohio RceimeKl wna 'jund today by the side ola balf-akinned boef. witii nis throat cut fröin enr to cor - evidenily do'io by Mexicana, who claiined a righl of pr-iperty in tho wild caulo upoa which he was marauding. A rcernbftr of tho C'.li dibanded Louisinna regiment wis kil.ed tü-d:iy, in a fraens, ns I unders'arid t, thnt grew out of eone violence which of lliein oifereü to u wilio of ona of the rancheros in Burila. Tho xvound wny inflicted by a meinber of the same cornpony. The r" carne so great ihat a regiment waa callea .'in to suppresgii. Tlic 6oriseiiynco is tïiat J.i-.fita is 'Jeaerted - tho iríhábi tanta takin refuge wherever tlicy cjt. füi(i tiiclter. Wheiber this i only the ■ü.nix t) a series óf wrtrngs thcy iiave t ifferedj I im to ascertain, but preadtne they niut) ïave had reason lo leur ior ihefr sz.r.iVj if ihcy remaiiitcl. Scarccly a dy Ti3 pajcd fir:cA vffl rrivad h?re tltat a tifad body is ii-n seen by ds flfitirig down he river. Ycsrerday. one ra5 firoaght aïhoro an- btiriod - au Arnericnn - evidcnily killtd by a blow on ih bead. pronnbly ai Mninnaoraa,vrhero tóch otrciirre!icc; aro so íicquent os to excita no Oapeciaj wonder."