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Consistency Is A Gem: For The Signal Of Liberty

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Friends of Liberty, ba truc to wliat you profess - meel often togetlier aml dlscuss your principie and objects upon alavary - invite in your friends and neighbors to discuss wnh you - by io doing, you will renew your strengih, and make convent to the righteous causa of Liberty It is only the profesed i'riends of nny good cause who can do it tbo greatest njury - some by inconsistent action, and otherv by notactingat all. It isso in moral ns well as poltttcal matter,. Al most the entire Nonlj, now profess tobe atitialnvery, but what aro they doing to aboliuh it 7 - Noihing in compirison to what the mi glit and ujhf to do. There nre enough antislevery men n ue United States, if they would only oct totether and eet consistent, to change the palie; f Government - to ta!;e rt out of the hands of a ew slaveholdors, and give it to freomen - takeii rom the fewand give it to the mnnjr. Why is thieot dïiie t Anstfor: (hcy re divided. nnd their visión is the bulwark of i'avery. Here is thr Ganism Party --there is ihe Liberty Party. &c nd just by the wuy. there is a kind of a tickle arty on the fence, raaily to go almoet ny way. 'he first falds up its arms. and loolishly refu5e o vote against slnvery, whilst the Slaveholder? re ruling the Government os with a rod of iron Mie second liko unto a wiso man, goes to th allot box, and tliorn deposita n rote for the Sluti. The ihird. UK a aelfish timeservinn nan. if you can net n ticket inio iii hnnd tn1 tick by hini; if there is not many of the oíd anies standing by, he mannjes to Le: it in n bo.x. lut jujt so soon as One of the enndidnies betangïg to either of the old parties niakos n little proessioii of Abdlitionism, which is now ■ very ommon thing. nway gocs th'eif vote far him - iey must chooso the least of tvtro vtls, Thui e poor al.ivo is left to afTdr rtnd dio in hffpeless ondige for ifratft of help. Friends of nü'mnnity ome to tho resciie ferr the flavo 7 Say like S. i. Treadwell, C. IÍ. Stewart, and many othem who rtre activefy ensnged in this stnge of our enrprise, ying thit they viill spnre no tima nor nneans, day nor night, o ar as is in iheir potrfir o ndvance the caiue of Liborty, and to reeem thealaVa and our conairy from peril and uin. Friend Tretdwell, the long tred and faithful iend of tho Slict, hu trovelled with mo dungthe paatpnng and auminer- "we have labor d both night and diy, to ndvance the cotis of Liberty in thu State. The great cry hns boen very whero for more light on the subject of Slavtry - can you not stay ond Lectnre agnin. - We have atlended many e.xtM meeting, yet we r not oble tooomply with half of tha requests nnde for os to lecture. Bat we can trnly 6ny, hat we hove done tho best wo conld, nd think ie Lord has bleesod our labori. Prpjudiec hns jiven wny, rriany hav pro'essed to be changedfrom proslivery to antislavery principies, more or les in aï! of our mwtings 1 rpoet now eóón10 leave this State for a while on peculiar busi ncss. it now romains for tho profc9sed friend of lias cause to say whether our past labora sha! be apeut in ain or nut. Will you deny your self enouah on tlje election day. to lcavo you homes with your wagons, and bring out all who will suatnin the cause of Libtrt-j at tho bailo box 7 Shall we not increase our Liberty vote this Fall in Michigan 50 per cent 1 If the proIes8ed frienda of the cause only do their duty we shall. The time ia dravying nigh, when your intislavery principien will bo fully tested at the bal'ot box, nnd we have great reason to hope il the professea Abolitionisla will act, and act consistent, at tho ensuing ciec:ion, in the dischaige of their duly to God an J man, that it will hasten on tho glorious era, when the captivea chains shall be broken. Coniatent nction can and will yet accomplish this desirable object. Two hundred and twentysix yeirs in this country slavery has been a subect of Icgislation. ejther directly or indirectly for is extensión and perpotuity ; by receiving eight ndditionnl Slave Siatea to tho Union besides Texas- by áííowing tho Slaveholders sixty votes br every liundred slaves thev have - by granti.ig i licensc in the heart of our Gorernment wh ch may be found on the 240ih pge of the laws of Congress. license for bu)ing and sellingof slavzs for profit for the smn of S400. There they eepaaio man and wife,childrp.n &parents, atpleasure, liüiii them by ahip Joadsand sell them own to tho Vew Orleano market, on our coasting trade. - This is done principal ly by northern votes, for ihcy havo a large mojority in Congress, and couid have prevonted 'his if they would. Two bundredand twenty aix yearshive the African race sufTered auch wrongs and such privationa aa no otlier people under ihe sun e%'er did, Greei ond Roman Slavuy not excepted. Tho red man lias been driven from hia soil, nnd hi3 race nearly annihilated. The Africana nave been stolen from their9 and robbed them of their Libertr, their wives, theii children and of their manhood. The question I hav now to as' our fnendsia ihis. Will you bo faithful in laboring to redeem rhree millions of our brethren from bondage, and give them the Bible, though ur namesbe cast out for so doing. Be consistent with what you profesa,and do right though your friends all foraake you. Be consistent ond do right, though you I00B& your influenco and jopularity among men. Consistent aciion ia the key 10 emnncip ilion. Consis'cnt action can will unlock ihe run jaw3 of American Slavery, and let tho oppressed go Cree. Daar Iriends of Liberty, I remain truly youra lor tho opprefsed,