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Laura! Cíancy, who tan nwny from Bultimore with a conaiderable sum of inonuy &c. vrns u] egraphed mi Sunday, ond nrrested mmediaicly upon nrriving in Ncw Yark. The Twicgraph ie going to be n powcrfiil rogue prevoniive - cuttinp off all chance ol a felluw'a escape from iliC6cene of his mal-practices. It is stated thnt it cost the city of Baltimore $1 1.223, lo repair the dnmaga done the streci6 of tbat ciiy by Uio lato heavy storms. Tirinia. Tho Editor of the Baltimore Saturday Visittr, ■who is on a visit to Virginia, mentions ihe following incident in n. letter to his pnper: The slavo of a farmer, in an adjoiningcounty. (JiíF;rson,)havingbcen jumpeduponond 6tnnij ed by his moster, toith spurs on, so as to cruell liccrate hia face bs well oa his body, he wa found, next morning, in an adjacent pond o ílream of water - having tied a stone to hisow eck, (as it is said.) and plunged in, for thc suc ceasful purposo of drowing hinisclf, ndr th fteling of Icperation caused by tho fiendish ti en men of his rnnster IiVoríh Carolina. The Ralean Standard Mates ihnt a poll was tkm ni the late election nbout tho propriety ol esiablishinjr a Penitontiary in North Carolina ; nnd that thorp is a very honvy majority, froni 35,000 to 20.030, agninst such nn insiiiuiiun. Thcy think t chenpcr to hang criminal nt once, or talio the pena'ty of the oíTcnccs out of the hidea of the crimináis. lt wns in N. Carolina that they hung amana yenr or twosinee fbr stealing a pair of suependers ! A cotempornry nsks if they refuse to have a State Prison because ♦fie mnjority are too good to neevfone, or too bad to allo w ono ? Kentacky. An antislarery society bos bcon got up in Lewis Counly,, Kentacliy;. nnd itio ttaid societle wille fornied in some of tho adjoining countics. - [uiio an excitemcnt 9 got up therc; but it is said )o oniislavery eeüng cannot bo put down, - Wc hopo il will stand, and prove the leayeo which will leaven the whole loaf. Ohio. Four colorcd personB who provod to bc tho roperty of Mr. McNicko!, of Covington, wcre rresïcd in this city ycstorday. They wereconeyed home in n carriagc, which was followod to ie river by a large number of peoplc, some of hom appenred anxious to sec them in tho enyment of liberty, whilo othcra wcre equally as eiirous to hnve them ruiurn to the land ot bond;e - Cin. Ctron. The Atlantic and Ohio Tclegraph Company ro pushing forward the line with all speed to ie Obio River. It ia said that it may reach Cinnnnti by January Thore are 80 Division3 of the Sons ,or Tkmkrance in the State of Ohio. On Sunday night, during the alarm of firc, 'liilip Andrews, belonging to Fire Company No. , was deliberately shot through (he hcad by a llain who carne out of tho groggcry on V;m st. oar the corporaiion line. The ball entered tha back pirt of Andrewr lend, piissed ihrough. and lodgnd over one of 8 eyes. He dicd instanily. Thcre are tnany les aflout, but ihc most probable ia, that the ackhearted vilinin swore that lio wou!d kil! omebody, and discharged )is pisioi at tho crowd n tho streel; Andrews was the victiin. The ïurderer was c-iught yesierdny rnorning, three ües up RMl Crcek. and lodgocl in jail to await s trial - Cin: Com. 4ug. 24. Wc learn from tho Journal that thero is n pmaii in Picliaway county, who woighs 4J4 ounda.Indiana. A counterfoit one dollar Indiana bilí linving he blaeksnmh's ihop n the centro, ia in circuition, wbich mny be ensily detectad by noticing íit the eneravcr' ñames in the genuine, ore car tlie Frcsident's signntiiro. Jn tha counter'eit, tlie ibrovinted worda Casli'r and Pre't hnve o periodt as tlie grnuine have. The whole ico of the bilí and engravin is too light; but ís jpearauce is plausible. Missouri. Fonr negro men and boys,belonging to Mssrs. Cuere &. Coddin, ran away on Saiurday night. 'hey nre siipposed to have been piloted and perjnded ofl' by aboliiion in.fluence. Two or three f the pólice atnrted yesierdny for Ahon, llinois, in hot pursuit. Narly every doy slaves re Ua%'ing their mnsters, snd iho only priventive is to keep stricr watch. The lacililies nfforded hero for iheir escape have the efTect to deprecíate the vníuc of this kind of propeity very tmich. - St, Louis Nao Erti.Illinois. It is well known lo our resders iba by an nrrangoment with tbe English Bond-liolders, tlie State of Jllinois has given over to thom the unii nslieil canal, from the waters of Lake Michignn at Chicago to the Illinois rivcr. They are abom completing it, but the principal difficultv ow, is to eupply it witli waier, owing to tlie level of ihe luke heing eigíit feet below tho bottom of thc cannl. To overeóme this, Üio present company, after uirioua proposiiione, íinally beihought thomsolves of raising tha water of tho lake so os to supply the canal. They vrote to Messrs. Knnpp fc Totzott of this city amJ furnibhed with data to calculólo whether it could be done, ond what macliinory would accomplish it. Táose gentlomon 8oon iurnishedan answer, nnd tlie other day reccived in return an order to buüd some poweríul machinery lor that purpose - a steam engine nnd eight pumps of four and n half feet bore and six feet etroke. We are glad to hear thnt this eminently ecientific firm have been selected to ejecute this order. Thoir shop and m'ichnnical íbice are not excelltd by any