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State A gency Fund. SubscripUons reccived since last report. Palmyra, l V. Will, Cha'u. $li paid to C'. H. Stewnrt. Fentonville; Geno3ee co. J. G. Southerland CUa'n. $8 paid to C. H. Stewnrt. ST. JOSEPM COUNTY. Chester Gurney 3d subseription, $5. ($10 previously ncknowldged ) Centrcville, C. Gurney, cha'n, $13,19 (previously acknowkdgod.) Constantine, Mr. Tc-sdale, cha'n. 5,00. Sturge, Mr. Nickerson cha'n. 3, subseription of H. Kelly, S. Georgc, and S. J. Bemand, $1 each. Burr Oak, J. L. Bishop, Cha'n. 3 91, subscription of R. Il Wliitney, $1,00 P. Whitney, 1,00 S. Koss, 50 J. Tilkins, 94 C. E. K:bbeof 50 In all, f 3,94 KALAMAZOO COUNTY. Richland, per J. S. Portercha'n. S12.00 A. H. Hill, Oshtemo, J,00 C. C. Johnson, Richlnnd, 50 A. C. Eastland, Kalon, 50 Mr. Hough acknowlcdgea, S8,28, paid nt Schoolcraft, and at Lcroy, 28 en ts. Mr. Plumb acknowlcdyes 15: paid at Galcaburgh, and $1 by Mr. Kellogg oí Comsiock. S. B. Treadwcll acknowledges paid by Hillsdalc village, H. Milliken. cha'n. $11,50 all their subseription except $1,50, and by Adams, per Wm. W. JacksDii eha'n. S5. ltecapituaiion ot the above monies paid. Previously paid, $284. 4D Palmyra, 6,00 Fentonville, 8,00 C. Gurney and Centreville, 13,00 Constantine, 5,00 Sturges, "?.00 Burr Oak, 91 Kalamnzoo County, ( jOO Schoolcrafr, ' 8,29 Leroy, 28 Gnle8burgh, J5,00 Mr. Kelloirg, 1,00 Hillsdalc, 11.50 Adams, ' 5.00 Toial paid, .$378,50 Additiunol reports, nade by S. B. Treadwell.State Agent. LENA WE E COUNTY. Tccumíeh, J. H. Miles cha'n. $-7.25 sub'd. Blissfield. Joel Carpenter cha'n. 7,0v) " Palmyra, Leonard S. Hoxsie, 3,34 " Corrkctio.ns. $23 credited as subfcribed by "Walled LnkeM F. Dcwel cha'n. sliould havo been by "Commerce," Oaklnnd Co. i!30 credited as subscribed by Hillsdale, H. Millikcn chu'n. should hnvo been $13. $50 crediied as s ibscribed by Niln, Borrien Co. and '12 by Cnssopolis Cass County are to be expunged entircly, the ftinds hnving been othwise npplicd by tlieir towns. $10 subscribed by IJighland Oakland County was crediied twicc, once on let Augusl.and again on I5th August. REc.iriTür.ATios. Previous Amounts of aulscription, $1 129.10 Tecumsth, 7. 5 Blissfield, 7,00 Palmyrn, 3.34 $I11G,G9 Deduct as follows: Hillsdale error, l7.nO Nilcs, 50,00 Cassopolifl, 42.00 Highland, ]0.00 $119,00 Total subscribod, $1027,69 Total paid, 37d,50 Pleaso notify errors or omissions. C. ö. STEWART, Clian. Stato Cen. Com. Detroit, Oct. 5, 1346.