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We cali nttention to the address of the Central Committec : especially to that part, whie-h Iludes to the meeting in Detroit to sustain the proslavery War with Mexico. On that occasion James F. Joy Esq., a whig, was one of the Vice Presixtents: George C. Bates Esq,. well lcnown in 18-10 aud 1844 for his powerfuleffbrt for the Whigs, -wns one of the principal speakers, and last though not least, Jacob M. Howard Esq., chairman of the Whig State Central Committec was ono of tho commhtee of the meeting which brought in the resolutions supporting tho war. Yet nll these men profees -and aro undoubtedly sincere- their abhorrénce of slavery. Thcy are in (act good whig abolitionists. In 1840 they abusedinno sraallway thoso who voted for Birncy, alledging himtobo, indirectly at least, in favorof annexation, and of a war for it. Butin 1846. we find the war in actual existence, and all these men pending it thcir strongest aid : forgettingi even party in their zeal, and mingling in fcllowship with democrats. Such, too, hasproved the abolitionism of Cassius M. Clay. lie has even gone iurther : being a voluntcer soldier, actually fighting to extend Slavery. Alas ! Alas ! !