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Lenawee Comity Meeting: For The Signal Of Liberty

Lenawee Comity Meeting: For The Signal Of Liberty image
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At ■ meeting uf the frienda of Liberjy of the County of Ltnuwec, at Adrinn, na Thursday the 15tb iiist. Stephen Allen in the Chair, and Gco. L. Crane. Secretnry. Whercupun the fotlowing Regolutions wcre 3roeented, remi and diecused i:y by the followng gemlomen : H. Tripp, L. P. Pcrkins, J. C Wruer, Geo. E. Crne, J. L. Poters and Jeaac Govett - when on motion, tbey were unanimousy adopted. Resolved, That wc approve of tho courec of John P. Hale in the New Hamp&hiro Lcgiitlature, uu tbc intereac wbich Lc manifestod in beitjfof Norih Rilitp. Rraolved. That we rcommend to the abuiiiioi)i!i) to abatata frotn the uso of slave productiooe. Reeolvei, Tkit Blaveryneit oxisiain the United Statee ie a vioUtion of cvery article of the Conetitution. lieeolved, Tliat wc will never vote for a slaveio'.dr or hi pologist. Re#)!ved. That the procecdinga of thie meeting Ue forwardod to lüe Signal of Liberty ior pubItiiatitfü.