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Clocks Regulated By Lightning

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- One of the latest end most wonderful exhibilions of the power of the Electro Telegraph, is shown in the regulntion and running of clocks, placed far apart Iromi eaeh other. It is stated in a foreign ! nn), lliat a clock has been so arranged in Edinburgh, by its connection wilh the mngnetic wires that the oscillaiion of Is pendulum marko the hours on ad'ml pinte in Glasgow, and upon nnotlier in Edinburgh, at one and the sanie moment. - So perfect is ils operaiion, that the electrical current passes from one city to the other in asecond, not rerceptible, since the two clocks never vnry perceptibly. When the pendulum in Edinburgh, moves to the riglit, the mngnetized rod in Glasgow moves in ihe same dircetion, and Ijoth return logether to the left. Two other clocks are also to be placed in the intermedíale stations of Linlithguw and Falkirk, to bc regulated by the one nt Edinbnrgh. It is proposed, as soon as all the railroads lines are supplied with telegraphic wires along the vrhole extent, to establish the general regulator in Greenwich whicl) wiil mark a uniform time upon the several stations upon every railroad in the kingdom. ín this manner the v,hole country will knoiv the exact Greenwich time, and thus will be obviated all the present danger arising from disagreement in watchc?, and the sad catastrophies they have not unfrequently occasioned by mistakes in the deparlure of trains.