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Bombardment Of Tobasco

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mí :. ,Th Pieayurie of the 17th reporta th( ...Jlrrival of schooner Portia, Capt. Posvers 6 days f rom Point L'izarado, bringing ar öfficër who was engaged in the attack o , Tobasco. lie reports that the enterpsc was éntireíy successful. lía object wa , to cut cftit certain prizes anchored in the river, ririd they wórè' nll táken. Wher the city was summonéd to siirrendcr, the . pqople were' for yielding, but the Governor and soldife'ry opposed it. Timé wasthengiven for all péaceablè people, women and íoget oulof harrh's ivay ; but the Governor would not allow ariy one to leave ; so t is feared most of those killed in the bombardment were others tiian s'oldicrs. Some of thö è'nemy's regulars, howeverj werc killed. Our squadron consistéd of thè Mis - filssippi Comodoro Pcrry ; the Vixen, Com. Sands Bonta, Lieut. Com. Benharrij Reefer, Lieut. Sterrett; Nonita Lieut. Hazard j the revenue cutter Forvard, Capt; Nones (all small crafi,) 200 séamen and marine fromthe Raritan and thé Cumberlnndj under the command of Cápt; Forrëst, Lieuts; Öastj Winslow; Valsh, Hüntj Cnpt. Èdsohj and Lieüt. Adamsj óf tndrinès. They léft Anton Lizárado; Oct. 16th and árrived at Fron1 tera, the 23d and captured two steamers and severa! small schoonërs. On the 24th and 2èth they ascended the river seventy-two miles to Toba3co, towed by by the Petrei and the Vixen. Th?y pas cd the Dovil'sTurn at 2 P M., and landed and spiked four28 poiinders; They arrivod oiFTobasco atsix P. M. and anchored in line aliead, distant ond hundred and fifty yards from the shore. The city was summoned to aüri'eridcr. - The Governor refused, when three shots were fired from the Vixpn. An offjcdr carne off with a request that we would spare the Hospitals which wasgranted - Skirmishing immedialely ensued. On Sunday nodamage was done. We captured one brig, three schoonërs and a largo sloop, in all. At the town and below, there were nine vessels and niany boats capluröd. On Monday, the 2Cth, at day-üght there began a sharp firc of muskeiry from theshore, which was returned by ou) guns and continued for Bome time at intervals Á flag oftruce camöofF beseöchinguato spdre the town. Tho Commodoro assónted, because as he saidj he only wished to frighten the soldiery The prizes weie got undör way, öhd ïoady for returning. 'the enomys while flag was flying all thö while. W. A. Parker, the Lieulennnt, gol ashore wilh his prize vessöl, nnd Was attacked by oighty soldiers, whorii he bent oif with eighieen men onlyj losihg one, and getting two wounded. The aCtion lasteu thirty mlnuies, when Lieut. C. W. Morris wns despatched to him with orders, and he, passing tho heavy fire of themy, was woundöd in the neck by a musket ball. He slood uj in bis bout and cheered the men on gallantly till he feil in the arms of Midshiprhan Cheever, The Commodore then commenced cannonading in good earnest f rom the Vixen, the Bonita, the Nonitaand tlie Forward ; and in three qtlariefsofan hour, he almost destroyed ihe city sparing the houses of the foreign consulsi At mid-day the fleet left, firing up the streets as they passed them All iho prizes were saved except oiipj Wbuih grounded and was burned by the commodore's orders, to prevent her fulling Jnto the hands of the ehemy, The McLane struck on the bni at the mouth of the river and did not gct over to particípate in the engagement until il tfas ended. The Patriota, on her return, capturëd the American brig Plymouth, Captain Packersonj discharging cotton al Al varado bar. Lieut. Morris died on board the Cumberland on the lst inet. and was buried with military lionors There is a Mexican force a( fiom five to si thousand tnen at A'lvarado, and they have placed cross the mouth of the river three .strong chain cables, and sunk vessels on the bar. It is thought to be entirely useless to attempt to take the place again by a jiaval force.05" Garrlson wriles to the Liberator from Ireland, Oct. 20 i "From 'Belfast í rodeón S Coach from Portadown to Droghedo, a distance oí morethan 60 miles - and, oh ! thenmount of human suffering, filtlmud destruction, which met my eye during every step of thejourney. I was frequenlly melted to tears, and for the first time n my life ptvr human beings, especially women and cbildren, n a situation thal made me al.wost lamont their existence. Yet I was jassMTed that I saw the best porlion of the la.boiug pxor in Ireland ! Alas! for jthen?, wilb he famine which is sorely presing Uiem0 in consequence of ihe ontjre Aiilure of the poiato erop- Ihe fuod ónwhiohey haye übsisted from time immemorial. ' Multitudes, beyond a doubt, r-in snite of all thal egovenunentonn forthegwantof IÜ0 atarte Of üfe, O, the poor vomen ! U, me poor chiUl-en f O, the pooi" Wig - fieftveo sentj th.em speedy süccor l ïiurneróus persons are preparing to miftratefrora.Sweden lo tbis country, under ibe guidance of B.rieh Jansop, a. fanatip, H is, said, who has set bimself up as a pjropKet, and who has thousands oí fol)orer,s. ■'■' 5