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We publish below a Prospectus of the National Antislavery paper at Washington, rs many of our readers may wish lo subscribe for it. Prospectus. "The Cause of Human Frcedotn calis for the establishment at the sent of the National Government, of a Newspaper devotedto the support of te claims, Circumstances and the piosent staie of Publc Sentiment are pcculiarly propilious to such an undertaking. Tlie publication of an Antislavery paper, enti tica "Thk National Era." will be accordingly commenced in the Cíty of Washington, Dis trict of Columbia, on the First rf Januari Eighleen Hundrcd and Forty Seven, Issued under the ausp'tces of the E.vrcutive Committee of the American and Foreign AntiSlavery Society, it will be editedby G, Bailky, Jr. assisied by A. A. and J. G. VVhittier, correspnding editors. While due attention will be paid to Ciirrent Even o, Congressioniil Proceedings, General Politics and Litcrature. the great aim of the paper will be a complete discussiou of the Ques tion of Slavcry, and an exhibhion of tlie Duties of the Liberty Party, sceking to do this, not in spirit of Party, but in the lovc of Truib, not for the triumph of Party, but for the establishment ot' Truth. The journal will bc prinled weekry, on a mammoth sheet, of the ñnest quality, in handsome type, at the rate of lioo dollars a year, in advancc. All neecssa-y arrangement have been made for giving 8tability to this important enterprise. and it is hoped that it may command the warm sympathy and prompt support of the frionds ol Liberty throughout the country. Subscriptiona in the Atlantic States may be forwarded to Lkwis Tappan, New York City ; and in the States of the Missisaippi Valley, to G. Bailkt, Jr., Cincinnati, Obio, - nntil the lst of January next, when they should be transmit ted to the publishera of the National Era, Wash ington City." Lightning fe reflected 150 or ZMtoiles