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Foreign News: Fifteen Days Later From Europe

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The stoamship Caledonia nrrived at Boston on Saturday, at 7 o'clock, 15 days and 16 hours from Liverpool. Free Flour, U. S. wasselling in London at 32sto 33s pcrbbh In ihe Liverpool market, the same sold at 3 Is 6d to 33s per bbl.Corn 52s to 5 Is per qr. Theduty on W heat is 4s perqr, The grain markets, both in England and on the Continent, are down. The money market remains about the same as at last advices. The Bank of England notes of interest is 3 per cent. Bullion is being transponed from the Kingdom. Cottton is l-8d per Ib. lower. Sales small. Free Tradeis progressing throughout Europe, Rumrrs of ministerial dissensions prevail in England, but they origínate in columns of papers avowedly hoslile to the VVhig Government. The accounts which the Caledonia took out to England were considered favorable n a commercial point of view, for they brought numerous orders contingent to the opening of the American ports under ibe new Ta riff. A new article of important lias recently jeen brought in!o this country from Engand, called Sodi Biscuits. Severul shipments have been made, but the demand exceeds thesupply. Mr. Billmer, of Wiek, Civi! Engineer, at the request of the underwriters concerned in the monster steamship Great 3n'tain has visited and renorted joimly vith Mr. Alexander Brellmer, of Liverpool, uponthe present state and position of he vessel. Tlie report of these gentlemen is to the effect that the Great Brilain has as yet roceived comparatively ittle injury - thnt means may beused for beaching her by keeping the stem to the sea, until the next siorm, and it wil! then be perfectly practicable lo get her off the strand.