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Members Of The Legislature: Senate

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Ut Dik.- Oei RiX) J. E. Sclmarz, A. T. McReynolds, R. P. Eldridge. 2d Dist.- H. B. Lalhrop, C. P. Busli, Sam'l Dentón, Jolin Allen. 2d Dist -Geo. A. Cor J. G. Thurber, W. Kibbee. J. P. Cook.f 4ih Disl.-L D. Toll.t J. B. Fitzgerald. bth Dist.-C. C. Maynard, N A Balch. Qth Dist.-W. M Fenton, S. M. Green E. B. Witherhce, A. Parsons. Ith Dist-Rix Robinson, E. B. Danforth. House of Repueskntativks. Wayne - G. B.Throop, Jas. McFarlane, G. W. Perrington, E. C. Eaton, G. W. Moore, Henry FraÜck. Washtenaw.-Jas M. Edmunds Geo. Renwick, A. D. Truesdell, D. Pierce H. Chubb. Jackson. - D. Johnson, L. E. Jones, II. S. Hollistcr. Calhoun. - H. W. Taylor, J. D. Pierce, J. Goodwin. Kalamazoo.-Rorace Motocr, E. B. Dyckman. Van Buren. - P. Hayden. Berricn. - C. Britiain, R. P. Parker. Cass.-J. F. Glen. Jas. Shaw. St. Joscph.-k. L. Driggs, P. Marentetle. Branch. - A. Brown, J. H. Culver. Hillsdaïe.-Z. Vanduzer, D. Kinne. Lenawee.- S. Walker, D. H. Deming, i. W. Turner, J. J. Adam, Thos. J. Faxov. ■ Monroe.-T). A. Noble, L Darrab, A. M. Arzeno. St. Clair.-J). B. Harrington, N. W. Brooks. Macomb. - Jacob Shook, A. Goodell, S. B. Price. Oakland. - T. N. Loomis, O. P. Davison, J. Seeley, Thomas McGraw, E. B. Clark, P. D. Makeley.Livingiton.-G. VV. Pock, Ira Jennings. Ingham.-Jos. H. Kilborne. Eaton. - Benj. Knight Barry. - H. A. Goodyear. Allegan'. - L. C. Coates. Kent 6z Ottawa.- C. H. Taylor, S. G. Harris. Ionia.-k. F. Bell. Clinton. - Wm. W. Upton. Shiwassee. - {?. R. Kelsey. Genesee. - E. Goodrich, A. Pond. Lapecr. - A. Hebard. Saginaw. - Albert Miller. Macfcinaw. - C. M. O'Malley. Chippetoa. - E G. Scymour. Members of last Legislature. Whigs in i talies. fMembers of the House last year.C7 A sort of Aniislavery Union meeting of all porties hns been held in Northboroughj Mass. We give one of the resolutions as a sample of tho rest. "Resolved, Thai in view of the bold assumpiion of the slave power in trampling on some of the plainest principies, ol the constimtion, the denrest rights of the free States, and the justice, the honors and the liberties of the nation, - and in view of thft urinumbered and ncrensing evils of slavery, whjch have airead y become enurmous and intolerable, threitening the final overthrow of our great Republ'.c, - we think it a duty for tlip freemon of all politica! partios, laying aside their past jealousies, in n spirit of conciliation and patriotism, to combine their energios, which have been too mach wasted in party strife, in staying and removing the greatest of all our national evils ; and that they evince as decided a unión in its resistance and extinction, as the South have long done in la extensión and perpetuity. And we hereby declare ourselves unwilling to elect lo the highest offices of this nation any citizen who holds his fellowmen in bondage ; - and we furlher declare our purpose i the election of National and State tegislators to give our suflVages according to our bost judgment in coincidenco with the principies above expressed in reference to slavery." CC? A letter writer at Washington says : " ít seems to be a rmtter of general apprehensiun that we have a war on hand thnt is 10 last for yeors ; and that many millions, yea, hundrcds of millions oldoil.irs must bc spent, nnd many thouands of valuable lives sacrificed before the Me.xicans will consent to treat while our anny is on heir soil."


Michigan State Legislature
Anti Slavery
Mexico-American War
Old News
Signal of Liberty
Oel Rix
John E. Schwarz
Andrew T. McReynolds
Robert P. Eldridge
Henry B. Lathrop
Charles P. Bush
Samuel Denton
John Allen
George A. Coe
Jefferson G. Thurber
Rufus Kibbee
John P. Cook
Isaac DeGraaf Toll
Jerome B. Fitzgerald
C. C. Maynard
Loren Maynard
Nathaniel A. Balch
William M. Fenton
Sanford Moon Green
Elijah B. Witherbee
Andrew Parsons
Rix Robinson
Ephraim B. Danforth
George B. Throop
James McFarlan
George W. Ferrington
Ebenezer C. Eaton
George W. Moore
Henry Fralick
James M. Edmunds
George Renwick
Aaron D. Truesdell
Darius Pierce
Harvey Chubb
David Johnson
Loss E. Jones
Henry S. Hollister
Henry Wyllys Taylor
John Davis Pierce
Justus Goodwin
Horace Mower
Evert B. Dyckman
Philotus Haydon
Calvin Britain
R. P. Parker
James L. Glenn
James Shaw
Alfred L. Driggs
Patrick Marantette
Alvarado Brown
Jonathan H. Culver
Zachariah VanDuser
Daniel Kinne
Sylvester Walker
Daniel H. Deming
John W. Turner
John Johnstone Adam
Thomas J. Faxon
David Addison Noble
Lewis Darrah
Alexander M. Arzeno
Daniel B. Harrington
Nathaniel E. Brooks
Jacob Shook
Alfred Goodell
S. B. Price
Thomas N. Loomis
Oliver Perry Davidson
Jesse Seeley
Thomas McGraw
Elijah B. Clark
Peter D. Makley
George W. Peck
Ira M. Jennings
Joseph H. Kilborn
Benjamin Knight
Henry A. Goodyear
Lintsford B. Coates
Charles H. Taylor
Silas G. Harris
Alexander F. Bell
William W. Upton
Sullivan R. Kelsey
Enos Goodrich
Alfred Pond
Charles A. Hebard
Albert Miller
Charles M. OMalley
Elisha G. Seymour
Northborough Massachusetts