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Michigan Propagandists Of Slavery

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We would cali attention to tho remarles of our Detroit correspondent on the resolution propo.-ed in tlio Senate by Mr. Lathrop to be added to McReynold's Rcsolutions on the Me.xican Wnr, snying that in the opinión of the Legislature, SInvery should not be allowed ín the terriiory acquircd f rom México, jud iniiructTng our Senators, &c. The reoution tseif we have not at hand. Il was rtjected by ihe following vote : Yeas - Cae, Dentón, Green, Lathrop, McReynolds, Rix, Schwarz, Toll, Witherbee - 9. i JlYS Allen, ttaleli, Biish, Cook, Danfbrth, Eldrcdgc, Fcnlon. Fitzcrald, Kibbcc, lïayianrd, Thurber- 1 1 ! ! We cali on every antislavery man to mark the men who voted nay ! Let them be ever remembered by you. For whatever office their names mny be mentioned hereafter, let your vote and your influence teil heavy against them ! Let them receive most unequivocal at:d ever enduring condemnation at your hands, as ihe enemies of human Liberty and Happincss. Tbeir guilt is farbeyond that of the holder of slaves. He merely does as bis neighbors do, and may honestly think he is acting fur the goodof his slaves. - Their guilt is beyond tiiat of the ihorough bred Slave Tra der. He finds humnn beings in Slavery, and acts rhèrëiy as an agent in their transfer from one mnster to ano! her. Their guilt transcends that of the propagandists of Slavery of the Cnlhoun and McDufiie School, as they have lived all their dnys in arnunity of Freemen. Nay, their guilt exceeds that of tlie regular black-hearted Slave Traders who kidnap human beiog in África, nnd sell them èlsewbére. Do yon nsk why 1 Because the A frican Slave Trader has more to g.iin by his wickdness than the Legislatiye enslavers of Michigan. A fortune made in one voynge is to him a strong temptation ; while the Michigan politicians have no other motive than to bow down to the South, and perhaps obtain som e trifling office as their ward. The most aclive África trader could enslave but a few ihousands : while our Michigan Legislatorsj as far as their influence can go, would enslave unnumbered milüons thro' coming ages Í Let it not be said that the vote is merely a negative one. It is rosixivE, ín its influence, in the highest degree. Mr. Lnthrop's proposiüon would have given the wholo iniluence of the State for free instituñons : now, by its rejection, after the question was i-aised, it is given decidedly for the extensión of Slavery. Let these men, then, be regarded os their true light, as the unblushing er.emips of Human Freedom, who would doem millions lo hopeless Slavery for the prospect of a little polilical preferment. True, they had not the power in this case to do it, but they showed their disposi■ tion for evil too plainly to be mistaken. 1 Think you they wouid ever become trusti worthy antislavery men ? Trust them . not; but as they have showed vt willing1 ne-=, fpom the vilest motives, to curse a ' portion of the human family, so let the execrations of every freoman rest upon, them as tho enemies of humanity, the fit associates of the tyranis of every nge and tt nation.