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'PilE procciiuin .ioji ib givcn to rcprcccn , ihe Insensible l'eispirauou. It i ihe gre' ' VacUáÜoó Cor :lie iiiípu rttío of thc body. It wTll ' uptieetl itiat a iliiuk clouuy mist issues l'roin it] ;o:.i ;-. ui' ibe suríoee, wlnch indícales iliat ! ims . is,.:r:iti.-n ñ-iwt uuimen uptedly w'ben we . . ■: in lieuiih. bul chases when ww-are bick. Li'e ' cjnnoi Le austajiied wiihout it. h ia thrown oñ .friitii the bluod ano othtr juicea of the body. 1 and dispuse by lilis nic.iiis. uf nenrly all the imliurnies wiiliin U3. Tho blood, b ibis mentís only. wj!vs iipirli pure. Tne ianguag? oí' ticrip miéis, "n dio lil'jod id "he Lilo." Il il ever becohtes u:i;mh it muy be irjcud díréclly to tlic BlopdUgë ul ilic Insensible l'cispiration. It never requires any iulerniil medicines to elcanse ít, as it always purifica itelf by its own licat nndaction, nriil thmwV.oÍF Ü litó qífintlig hninors, through tho Insensible lérspirálloh. Thus we soc al! ihüt 3 necessary wheu the blood is stagnaut, or iníecied. is to open t!ie pores, anda iclíeVcs iiself froni ull iinpurity insinntly. Itsown heni nnd vitnlitv nre oulficient, wiihout one parróle ut iiítdicino, ecepi to open the por:." upon ihesurfacei Th xa we uc tho lolly oí taking so itrernal remedies. All praoiitioncrs, liovvover, ciirt-ci their effjrts lo restore the Insensible [Mfrfpirntion, but ii ceemB to be not always the lirop.r oue; Thé Tkompsonian, lor insiance -tcuüis. thc Hydpipailiibt shru'.i'ls "din weiblanke:s. thc Hoinopaili sidoulsout intinitissiniídt, the Alloo.ithist bleedsaiid duses us witli inercury.nnd ihe blu3teting Gtoack gorgea us w;th pul, pilla, )il's. To give aomc 'uiea of thcnmmint of the Insen sible l'erspiration, we wül stntetliat thií learned Vr. Líwenlocl;. and the gieai Buerliaavc,aecer:nncd ihar five-fiüluhsof all we roceive inio the Bioipneb. paased fl by tliis men Ín otlier wor.Js, if we cat nnd drink eiglit pounds peíday, wc ev;icnnte íive pounds of it by thc Insensible Perspir.'ition. Tilia is none other than the sed up p.irticlcs ,,f du; bl.iod. and other juiees givjqg place tö the new and Iresh ones. Tó check this, therelorer í-í to reiain in the rysiern fiveighlha of' all the virul;iit tnatier that'iiature deniands thouldleavc tlie ttody. And eve-n when this is tbc ense, the Liljod iá of so active a principie, that it determines t ose purttclèfl to ihe ski.i, where thoy torm scat. pimples, ulcers, and.ölher,spot8, Bv a sudden tr.-insition (rom hcat to cold, the pores ave stopped. the pcr6pirarion ceases, and diséase begina at once to develope itself. Henee, a Btoj'phge oí this flovv of tho juices, originales s. uiany eofíipininta. It s by stopping the pores, hit overwliclms mankind with couylis, c)lds, and oonsuiiiptioní. Xine-tenths of the wqrld díe fnm dise;ised inilucud by a sioppngc ol ihe Insensible Ferspira tion. It is ca8ly scen. therefore. how necessary id the How of ilus sübtle liu.nor to the surlace. to preserve health. be etopped: it cannot be even checked, without indneing discase. 'j'M nio ask now. every candid inind, wnbt conree seems the niost reasonable to pursue. to unstop the pores, alter ihey are elosed.' YVotihl yon givo physic to unstop tne pores? Or would you apply soniethmg that would do this upon the urfice, where the clogging actually is f Would not ihis be comrnon senac'í And '(;t I kn wot no physician wbo niakes any external íipplication t. elFeM it. The reasoii I assign is. thnt no medicine within their knowledge. ís capobleof dning it. CJn'dér circumtitances, I pres'iit to plivs.ciaiis. and to all otliers, a prepnnition th.M this [lower in itp ful les t exient. It is McALSTEUS AL!. UEALIXG OINTMENT. ,rt'.ie WORLD' S SALFE! It lina power to e.s;ore perápíratítíii on the íec-t. on the head, nrnind oíd sjrcs. upon iho chest, in short, upop ■ iiv' !n! oí the body, dióeascJ íligUtly r -i?v:r!ly. Il ïins power to cause all exter.ial seres, scrolí.-iuR tüitnbrg, ikin diaenfés. poinous wounds. h.fcii irire their putr.d inattei, and then laals l'.u II. k is i remody that sweepa off thc whole cataIvigúl o!' cut.i.ieoiiá dis irdors. and restores the cié i iishealthy functions. I; ís ,: remedy that Tóíbídi 'he npcessity of so i, ..i.y anJ d'.'yl!iousdrug8 taken into the stoIc is j f. 'íedy that neither sickens, gives ininV n noc or is dangerous to the intes'incs. h nrosnrvi.s and deiends tlie urface trom al! !,ir:_'e ncnt oí i te functions. while it ke'ps o,en the ch inni'ls Tur the blood lo void all its imniritics and dispose of all its useless partióles The sni f ice is the outlet of five-cihthá of the bijfl nii'i usí;d up ir.íHter within. It s p'.erce.f i inillions ol o])eninís t) rulieve tl:e intcsi. 8. Stop up these pores, and death knouks :it your door. It is riglitl termed. All-Heahng. :or there is scarcely n disease exiernal or internal, that t will not benefit. I have used it for the last fourteen years. for n!I diseas? of ihrcüest, conaumption. liver, myolving ihe utmost iii-i airi rcspon=üii!ity. aud I declare hefort[ leu ven m;d nrm. not in onc single casullas ii fa'íliíd to benfi:, wben ihe pationt was. wi:hin ■ he rènclj öf ihortul means. I h ive liad physícinns, learned in the profes.sion; I linve had miirstors of the Gospel. Judgson (K Óench, AMerfhen and Lawycrs. gen lei;iei o! the higliesl erndition and multitudes ol tfie poor, use it in uvery vaiiety of wny. and 'tieio hos been but one voice, onc "inited, univeríjI voicc, eaying, McAlisier, your üiiument ie gnorl!" CONSUMI'TIUN. I enn hardly be credited that a salve can have iny elFnct iipo'n the lunt;s, teated as thoy artwi'tliin ihe system. Bat wesay once tor all, hai (Jiia Oinimeul will reach the luftga quicker than .iny medicine thnt can be given internally. Thus. it' placed upon thc chest, u penetrales dircctly to tha iungs, separatC8 the poisonous particles that are consuming theni, and expela ihem from the systsin ' I need not say thnt it iscurinc persons of Conáumption coh'íliually, atthough we are told it s (oolishness. I care not what is said, so long as I can cure several thousand persons yearly. HKAD AC1IE. This Salve has cured persons of tlic Head Ache ol 12 years standing, and who liad it regularly every week, so that voniiting of.en took place. Deafness and Ear Ache are helped with thlikc 8UCCC83. aa also Agüe in the Face. COI.D FEET. Cossumption. Liver complaint, pains in the chost or side. fflllmg of the hair. one or the othei always írcconipanies cold fect. It is a sure sign of distase in tho sysiem to have cold fret. The Salve will restore the Insensible Perspiration and thus cure every cafe. In Sciofula, Krysipelns and Salt Rheum, and other diseasesof tliis nature, no iniernal remedy nasyetbetu diecovered that is so good. The sime may bo smd of Broncbiti, Quincy, Sorf Throat, Pilis, Spinal Diseases, liroken or Sore Breast. &c. And as for thc Chrst Diseaces, such ns Asthma, Pain. Oppressioii nnd the like, it is the niost vvouderful antidote in the World. F-r Liver Ccmplfiint it is equnlly offioacious: !W Burna it has not has itaequal in the World: ilso, Excresences of every kind. suchas Wnrts. Tumors, Pimples, &.c, it makes clean work o: (hem all. SOK F. K.YK8. Thc inflnmmation and disease alwoys lief-back of theball oftbeeye in the socket. Henee thvirtue of any medicine must rcach ihe seat of the infiamation or it will do liitle pood. The Salve, if rubbed on the temples, will penétrate dircctly into the eocket. Theporeswili beopened, a proper perspiration will beercated and the diseaBO will soon papa offto the suriacc. PIMPI.IS ON THE FACE, FRECKI.K3, TAIÍ, KA8CULl.SE SKIN, CKOSS SURK4CE. lufirstaction to exoel hmor. It wiHot cease dmv t.g lili the face ia free from ony intter tlirit may bc lodged under the skin ony 'cqucntly biealwng out 10 the eurlace. lt tlicn euls. Whcu there 8 noihing luit grossne-s, r uil repulsivo surföce, it lcins to goden und ijfien uutil ihe skin bocoirieti ussnioth und ('cliate as .i child's. lt tiiinws n freshness nnd uahuig color uon '.n; now whi;c. trapspurcni !;in. thui ik porlecily cucii.ini.iig. Sonie tïinee :i case of Freek les it wijl iiist start out thosc lint háve lam hulden anti scen butseldom. Pur uu (lio Salve und all v'ül sooa disappear. WOUMS. Ifpnrcnts knew hóW fatal most medicines were o children tnken inwardly, tluy wuiild be slow o reaort to thein. Especially "mercurial lozenjts." callcd "ineiflicoted lozenges," pills, &c l'liu tru ih is. na one c'in teil, invarinbly, when tvorms are present. Now let me soy to purenis. :h:it this Salve wi II alwnys teil il a child iiof ti'orms. It wili drivo eveiy vestige of theni away. Tliis ie a simple nnd su le cure. Therois probtibly no medicino on the fnce of the eanli at once so sure and bo safe in the ex iiils:uii of worins. lt woüld bc cruèl, nny wicked, to givc in'.crnnl. doubtlul medicines, 6o long as a hariules, exiernal one could be liad. TOII.KT. Alihough I have s;iid litile abom it aun hnii 'sstoraiivc, yet I wili siake itagaiim the World! 'l'liey rnay bring thejr Oils Inr and neiir, nnd mine wili restore tlie two cases to tlieirone. OU SOKKS, MORTIKICAT1ONS. ULCKIiS, ETC. Tliat some Sorea re un outlël to liic inipuritif-? of the svrtu-m, ia hrenuse they connot pase otT through the natu al chnmivls of ihe Insensible Perspiratio. Jf such sores nre healed up. th iinpuriiies must lnve some pther outlct. or ii wili endnnger life. This is the ïenson why it is impolitic to uso the comnion Salve of the day n auch cuses. For they havo no power to opei Othéi avenues, to iet offihii morbid mat tor, ani the consf'quences are ulwnys lamí. This Salvt willulwuys providefor such eniergenciea. 1IISFASKS OK CHII.DKr.N. Huw many thousands are swept ofT hy givinj. medicines, whon tlirir young bodies and tender frames are untible to bear up ugainsl them? Whole a'inied are ihue sent to their grnyea tncrely Ir m .pouring into their wenk toniüchs powórful drugs ond phyuics! It is to such that ihe All-flealtng Otntinent tenders er safe, pleasant. and harmless a cure Such can stís as Croup. Cholic. Cholera Infanttim. WorniB, and all Slimmer Oomplaints, by which so many children die, ihe Ointment will rcmove so speedily nnd surely, ihaí a physician will never be needed. Mothers! throughout ál I this lund. we now soleninly and sncredly declare to you that thc All-Hcaling Ointmeni will s.ive your children from an eurly gr&ve if you will use it. VVc are not now actuated by the lenst desite to gain; but knowing s we do that vast bodies of i nianta and children die early: which is supposcd to be inevitable and impossible to prevent, we hold up our warning voice. and decl.ire n the face of the whole world, C II I L DREN NEED NOT DIE MORF THAN OTHERSÜ But it is from the want ef proper nourishmen and the constant druggmg they undergo wluch mows them duwn as the rank grass falls before the scythe. Mothers! we repeat again. nnd if they were the last words we weie ever to utter, nnd o course past the rench of all interest, we wou'c say, "use the AU-HealingOinttnentforsickness among cliildren." KHKU.MaTISM. It removes ahnost irnmediately the inflamalion and swelling, when the pain of course ceaues. rKvrns. In cases of fever, the difficnlty lies in thi poret beíñg locked up, so that the h?at and per sip:r:itiiii ennnot pass off. If ihe least nioistun could be starled, the crisis ia pnssed nnd ih (in'nger over. The All-Healing Omimem wil ■:i hij cases of" fevers almost instantly unlock thc skin and bring forth the perspiration. FKMAI.K COM1M.AINIS. Iiifljinintion of the ludneys. ot the wonih. nnt itsjalüng down, wrnknees. md irn:pu!nrity; ii short, all those difiicultii .s which aro flequen ■ 1 1 ti females, fiiuf ready and permanent reliel V have had aged ludics teil us they could ti live six itionths without it. Bui to fernnlesnbou tu become nndhere. if used forsomc weeks ame cedent to thcir cenfinemont. very fvw of thosc i.iins and convuiaions which altend trein at thu jieriod will be feit. Thisfact ought to bcknown ;he wurld over. SCAI.D HF.AD. MVe havo etired cast-s tlmi actunMy defiedeve rything kinwn,ns vvcll as ihe ability of fifteei nr twenty doctors. One ninn told us he hn íppnt $500 on his children without any bcneñt when a few boxes of the Oinimciitcurcd them couxs. Peoplc need never be troublcd with ihcm i they will use it. Ás a FAMILY MEDICINE, no mnn can mensure iis valué. So long as the stars rol ilong over thc Ueavcns - bo long ns man trend the enrth. subject to all the infirmiiies of th tiesh - so long ae diseane and eickness is knowt - just 80 long will ihin Ointment he used an( estëémed. When mnn ceases from oirtheearih théri thedemnnd v.iilcease. and not i ï If then. 'J'o allay all apprehensions on nccount of il ingredients. in posseseingrsuch powerful proper ties, we will state that it is composed of aome o the most oommon and harmless herl'8 in exis;ence Thpre is no mercury init. aacan be jeei from the fact that itdnes not tijtire the skinone partiële, while it wiil pass ihronijh and physii he bowels. JAJNIFS McALlSTER & CO. 108 South Ftret. N. York. Solo proprietor of thn above Medicine, le whom all Communications niupf be nddressea (post paid). Pi ice '.'5 cents nnd 50 cents. ( As the All Healing Ointment has heen great ly counierfcitrd, we have givén this caulion U ,ho publie, limt '-no Ointment will be genuine iinli'ss the üainee of James fticAlister, or Jaine McAlisierifc C'i-, are writfen with a pen npon every l.-ibel." The label isa steel eni,'raviig wiih'the figure of ''Insensible Pcrspiration" on the face. Now we hereby offer a reward of $500, t o b paid on conviciion, in any of the constituid couris ol thc United States, of nny individua counterfoiting o'.-r name nnd Ointment. MAYNARD'S. Ann Arbor, Wholesale Asen'.s; Smitfa & Tyrell, Clinton: Ketchiini & Smiih, Tecumseh: D. C. Whiiwood, Dextei H.t Bower. Maucliesier; John O wen & Co. Deroit; Hannan fc Cook, Brooklyn. Dec 18, IÖ45. 2-14- Iy On Hand Again! THE Subscriber would respectfullj nöiify ihe public, ihat he is located once more in the village of Ann Arbor, and is prepnred to accommodate the community wuh n choice and wl pelected nssoriment of narzsw goods, consistine f Dky Goous, Grockrivs. Haruw.iKK, Boois and Shoks, Crockkky. &c. &c. which hc will f.ell for READY PAY as chen 'is ihe same qunliiy of Goods can be had at aft] other store in town. Persons who wish to mnke purchnsesfor Cosh. at Cash Prices, will do well to cali before purcha sing elsewhere. By keeping thc first qunlity of anieles, by sell ing at small profits, nnd by a fair and honoinbl course in business, he expects to rnerit a libera shnre of public patronage. Most kinds of COUNTRY PRODUCE will be tnken in pnyment for Goods. O3 Don'turgst the place, - on the Enst Sidt nf Main streot, a few doors souih of thf? Public Square, in the same store with C. Bliss, Jeweler. M. WHLELER. Anu Arbor. Nov. 24. l?46. 292-tf FIRE AND DISSOLUTION. NOTICE is hereby given that the Copariiicrship heretoiore país ing between the Sul ecribers, is this day dissolvcd by mutual cor sent All persons indobted lo said firtn, nre requesicd to cnll fotthwuh and setlle, as our !osf ly fire renders it neecssary ihat inmediata payment should he made. The accounis are lefl wuh Sabin Felch. at the oid stand. SABIN FELCH, EMANUEL MANN. Ann Arbor, Nov. 14, 1846. N. B. S. Felch will continue in the Boot. Shoe, & Leniher Business, ae usual, where he liopes thnt all his oíd patrón, nnd the public generallv will favor him with thir pnironnge. 30l-3ro SABIN FELCH. '