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The Bufiulo Couner hos the fuiiowng: "ThO establishment of an anti-slavery paper at Washington,. i the District o( Columbio, ís creating much feeling in that District. The exciiement produced has been oflicially mnnifested by the City Council of Georgetown- thal body having adopted a resolution for ihe appointment o.f a select Committee to inquire into the propriety oí' legislativo action upon the part of the corporation in the matter. A preamble to ihe resolution ndopted, sets forth that "the publication and distrib'ition of such a paper wiihin our midst would undoubtedly be calculated to arouse the worst feeling of our peaceful population and its viciniiy, and thereby lend very greatly to endanger the pcace and hnrmony of the community." We do not know what power the ci'y functionaries may usur-p in thiscise, but their proceedings strike usas very fbolish. Ifthepressof the District ofColuinbJa- in which, although slaves are held,slavery is nol fenced around by ihe pale of state rights - cannot discuss the slave question, it will bcsoón time lo interdict its menlion in the halls of Congress. The subject is perfectly open to debate therp, and speechos of the anti-slavery champions on ihe floor of the Housp, are thore publisbed without lei or hinderanc, asthey should be. The establishment of a paper for the specific object of abolition, in the midst o the slave populaban of the District, we think unwise, but the right to da sa, i unquestionable."