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An American Holy Day

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A New York paper contains the pnrticulars of n murderx which hns boen recently committed by mártiái law. The ▼ictimofthis a.ï was an Irish sea-. man named Samuel Jackson, who, after gront provocaron, had knocked down his. lieutenant. The poor man waa delibe-. Talely strangled at the yard-arm of Ihe loop Sí. Mary's, in the of the squadron off Vera, Crviz. An eye-witDoas Qjf c diabplical act states that - "All labor in the different vessels was suspended for tlie dny, and ihe crevvs were directeJ to, assumc their hol,yday attire," We have heard of w-itches Sabbaths ; days hallowed and sanctified Ín the name of the fiend. Was not this a festival of thatclass? Men put on ihcir Sunr[y8 clothes lo sec a fellow creture hanged. They dressed thn-,selveS in their brst in ionorofihe day ; so used the Spaniards to do at an auto dufe; with like observncesdidlhe red Indians slaughter their victims ; and from them perhaps have their conquerors adopted the practice. - And thus were ihe priests of old bedizened, when, after the manner of the3e Ameiicans, they offered human sacrifices to