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1847. HIQLESALE Si'RETAjí'A. M F AR REN, 09KSELLERANBS.ATIONER, STARTS BLOCK, ' ' " ? 7 JRfíKUSOS AYBKUE, DETROIT. TEKPS constantly for aaien, complete assorl V. inent of M,iseelUneona. Scli,o,pL tpd'Clnssï- I "tfooks, Letter and, Cnp Popcr, nljn and rut I, Quills, luk. èealiiig Wa$ " Cutfery. Wrap'Hg Pnpbr, 'Erírítiug Paper, oï all sizes; nnd, oök, picw'snnd Cannisier Jok. ófvarioris kinds. BLANR BOQKS, full ondnaïi bound, of ov■y voricty of Ruling. Memorandum Jjooks. &c, To Mrchant8, Teachers, and oihcrs. buyiiig I q'janiities. a large discount made. SabbatU School and JJiblc Society Dcpositor, 47-tf " 'BY INDUSTRY WE THfUYE ! ' New and Fashionable TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT In tlic pne pregnant tu' j:ct of CLOTHES, iglitly upderstood, is incluued all that men havw hought. dreamed, done, and been : the whole xieinal Univer8e, and whai it holds is but cloibng ; and ihe essence of nll ecience lies in tti'e 'iuiosophï o r C1.0111KS . - Carly'.r. ' THE Subscpbers having foriried a, co-partnersliip lor tlie purpuse of cirryinj in the Tailoring Business in all its branches, vould take tilia nieiliod of (nforniing the citizeng f Aüii Arbor and vicinity, that tliey mny b; bund nt their eliop, .No. jp, south Main St., vlie(j thpy are prepared to do all work in thci me, in amar)ncr not o bc surpassea in iit.siylo r dunibility, by nny üthcr establiahn.ent in tho State. gentlemen are pa-ticularly invited to cali w'üú :-cr li;ivitig their garments made in ii siioii wtiere none but experinccd workmen are eniployed, insieail of being made by a shop full of girts- far, be it known, that we employ none but ihe beBi of hands, and having made pernianpnt orrangements with G. C. Scoit of Nev York, the iN'npuleon of Fashion Pubjiibers, to in; sttpplipd wii li 1 1 is American and Europeaa Sprina and fnjl fasions, and also fais "Miri;o df Faaluüii," a ÁIorthly Periódica! devoied to'. iho scienco of pvitting and making garmems oï all kinds - these advamaneB. combincd with the attention and experience of the subscribers, renders it alma$t an ir pouibíliiy of not buing ablo 10 al, even the most tnstitlious. Pdnietilar attenfion wïll be paid jq (jic cutting, of garments which we do not make. pd her we will siatc for the inforniation ol all canvroeá that the common er y of the tailore is all a, itoax, when they say the tailores bus ppoiled the s;armenirrrthere is no hnpes p.l rnaking a good t of it ; when in nineiy nine pa?P8 out of every hviftx dred. the fault lies at th,e putter's door. Therefore, to put n veta an this inethod of doing business, tho subscribers are induccd 10 warrant a!l their culting without the tin. versal proviso. if jiri'perlij viaje 1 p. but warrant it without any f' a or oxid's. Alihough we do not set ourselves up ns the pergonification of perlectiün, yet it will ije borne in mind that we make ou;j cutting so pl-iin, a tailoress cannot msjic itt up wrong if sho try. One thing muro : wc will Ho our wok just, as our CM3tqmcre wifh it done, for we labor to, please them in reference to their work, nnd not ourselves; and in return, we eüptct them to, p!case tis by proiTtpt pnyrnents. Anhough li-r e love oï moncy is the root of nll evil,1' yet as t is very necessery in these d,- genérate times, we will make a liberal discount for Cash. L. MILLS, C. E. MARTIN. Vnn ArboF, January 4. 1847. ,'}00-3m". RËADY RSADE " HALLOCK & RAUOM HAVE now on hand, just manuhcinfed under thtir own instruciion. at their .cti knutyn, CLOTH ING EMPO R I U M, corner of Jffr.rsim und WotuUrvrd npvnues, Dktroit, one of the largest and,ifCA(inpietV. absortinents of tlcjuly tfrific Clothivg ever beforo otiVrcd in ;his State, which thcy arQ. prepared to jt;!l nt tbc rrry r.UKSt Caslt,priqes, lor these Cash tiites. Quifand see ! U ' ' Detroit, Jan. 5, 18-7. '9B-ifr WANTED by the subscribersaO,PQO, bjishuls 01 Cuin--IO.Ui'Q.bushelsof Rve, ïnd IO.i;i, buslicls of' WJieat, riejivered-ftt tbq' Steara. tjil!, fur, v.-JiícIlOisíi urill be paidj JN.G,-LLS. LAMB, & li+SKER. Ann Arbor, Jan.. 4, IÖJ7. 2D3-:f." BRIGflT and Black Log Chains, 115. (i 16. 7-IG, & Ö-J(i wtapping do, Straight. and uvistcd link TroCQ ' do. H.ilicr Ot : l'V, snlo very cheap.aj ka sign of ihe Big Ar. vil, Uppur Town. B-F.NRY W. WELLES ADn-Arbar. Jim. 10. 1F47. 2L8rty' FOR SA.LE - 4 GOOD FARM, containing one kan-. dred nnd sixiy acres ol good r armiño, land, (jOncrcs under iniprovcment with ft gopti parnted house, framed Bnrn, and ID ocres orclrdin.- : A payment will be rcquirml down, .,.' dieialance in 2 and 4 yoai, Tiil inlsnutabJe. For further inloTma.iion eiquit ff J Á. TWXSSt Ann Arbo?, Lower Villac. January 10. 1347. 2i9-v eOÏTNTY ORDERS, ''Fin E lijglicüt pnce paid in ent-h by G. F. LcwX i, Excliange Jiroker, opposite the rsur- atipe l$ankt Detroit, for orders on nny of the. couRüis in the State of Mich.gan; alt0 for Stnta ïcciKitios of all kiudauad uncurrent tunds {?a% avii - Ijc: !. 1845 241-h MEDICAL BQOKSx A NEW lot of Medical Books. jus{ ppe and lor salo cheap, for (vash a,i June 15. 270-tf PcnKr't Warrantv Dekds, Qiit-Claim Deeds, mortcaok8, ClïATTEL MOBTGAGES St.rMMONSES, 3UBPCENA8, AtTAC!UMENT8,v ExECL'TIONS Leas es, M asters' Deeo, FORECT.OSURES IK CffANCERT, M.RRIAOE CpflTIFICATES. Tho ahove nre prlnled on good pnper ftfter the most approved forms, and c bo had by tlic single, dozen, quire, ej hundred, at the Signnl Office, An,n Abot LoMer To%vn. November 1, 1846,