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Under this head westated two or tliree wfeeks since that alocation in the Copper Mines of Lake Superior had been discovered and enlered through the agency of Clairvoyance. From a communication in the '-Gern of Science" from Paul B. Eling, of Jackson, we learn that the proirietors of that location contémplate still Turther action. Mr. Ring says : "So confident are the membcrs of the company, of the valueof the investment, that some of theorignal proprietors could not be induced '.o part with their entire stock for a hundred fold abovo its cos, and they are nol to be disappointed. So much for that branch of your inquiry. - You also wish to know ïf other explorations are to be made in the same way? I answer thatquery by saying that a comlany is now formed under the name arid style of the "Clairvoynnt Exploring Comlany of Michigan," the object of which, is to examine different sections of coun:ry, ior coal, iron and other treasures, which nr? hii) froto ibe naturnl vision,ftnd thereby to direct ihe enlerprising in their laliors, thus preventing theconstont losses incurred by digging in vain,nnd to direct improvements in construcli;ng nachinery and npplying them aright. Believing tlie object lo be well wortfoy tlie spirit oi' the age, and deigned to improve nnd elévalo the condition of mnn, it will be proiecutedjiegardless of scoff's, sneers or obstacles, until the truth shall make us rcjoice in our eiTorts. The name of tho first company is "The Magnetic Mining Company oí Jnckson."